Trouble in Paradise for @AnthonyVanity and @StevenTroye? 4 comments

[Sticky’s note:  While it’s no secret that I probably won’t buy @StevenTroye a Christmas present this year, I’d like to make it clear that I did not write this post.  I only approved it.]

noticed a few days ago that Steven has been spending a lot of time with a guy named @nickjamessss and I had a feeling some trouble would brew. Fgts are jealous people and I knew that Anthony wouldn’t disappoint on the drama level.
his tweets last night:

Seems that everyone went to Tiger Heat, and the night started out fun but turned ugly … for no apparent reason.  Steven’s tweets:

Whine bitch moan complain doesn’t actually say what the problem is yawn.

Llooks like Nick is pretty dramatic himself:

I can’t wait for the accusations of cheating to start flying…which of course they will.  Discuss.

Happy 27th Birthday @AnthonyVanity 40 comments

Unemployed transsexual immigrant @AnthonyVanity turned 27 today!  Let’s take a moment to reflect on how Anthony has grown throughout the years.

@AnthonyVanity’s Wife @DeAnnaUndead Moving On in Hollywood … With @ShaneDawson?! 29 comments

Anyone following Anthony Vanity’s wife DeAnna Undead on Twitter or formspring knows that the couple’s marriage is on the rocks.  But while Anthony shacked up with a methhead fuckcraigslisting goblin, DeAnna has set her sights on top-ranked YouTuber Shane Dawson.

DeAnna bumped into the 20-something cutie today at the Hollywood & Highland Mall.  “I told him I loved him, and he held my hand for the photo,” she said.  DeAnna might be in luck:  “Shane is totally into big girls,” a friend of Dawson’s (who wishes to remain anonymous) told StickyDrama over AIM, “because they have child-bearing hips.”

Well whatever floats his boat.  Lucky for him, next week DeAnna is moving to Hollywood, where Dawson resides.

Because of @Brandon_Hilton, I will do drugs. 12 comments

At least, that’s the conclusion he came to for Anthony Vanity.

Under the guise of one of his multiple “street teams,” Brandon Hilton decided that it was time to start another round of lies about himself and nag someone significantly more popular than him and harass them into a stupor. Of course, we all know that Brandon’s “harassment” is some of the funniest material ever put on the internet, so I thought you all might get a good laugh out of what he came up with today.

Firstly, and MOST importantly, he is NO longer FRIENDS with PARIS Hilton. Oh… but they’re still related right? Wait, wasn’t that just a nickname for him in high school? But didn’t everyone hate him in high school? Yeah, I don’t really know what’s going on either, but as of now, they are not friends, officially. Whatever.


Secondly, he will be getting MORE plastic SURGERY on his NOSE that he ALREADY claimed TO have gotten. God, don’t stare at him funny just because he’s gotten work done on his nose three times in the past six months with no signs of bruising or change and doesn’t actually have any money of his own to pay for any of that. Jealous.

And finally, the confrontation with Anthony Vanity, who has fairly successfully fallen off the face of Sticky World and shouldn’t really be drawing too much attention to himself. However, Brandon decided to take it upon himself to attack Anthony about his drug problems and his life in general, to which Anthony responded with a decent amount of class and eye-rolling. Please also note the spam to Amor.

So what have we learned? We learned that, according to One Ball Brandon, my making fun of him will lead me to a life of substance abuse and I will eventually kill myself. Or maybe his fatty “fans” will just come and beat me up, whichever comes first.

@AnthonyVanity’s Long Lost Twin 34 comments

Many years ago in the womb of Mrs.vanity there lived 2 fetal boys, 1 of which was  half eaten by the other.  We’ll let you decide which one.

You cant deny that they could be related.
And just in case the embed doesn’t work, cause it never does…

@msleadingg aka Juli Hudson in LA … with @OwnagePranks ? 43 comments

Popular online entertainer and real-life coffee barista Juli Hudson was in Los Angeles this weekend visiting her good friend, popular online entertainer and real-life unemployed immigrant Anthony Vanity.


But Juli wasn’t all surrounded by cocksuckers.  She was in the company of a camera-shy mystery man, whose hand she held along a romantic walk at Venice Beach.


His sexy voice, combined with an unusual aversion to having his picture taken, raised suspicions.  Could this have been Ownage Pranks, with whom Juli is known to have had an intimate relationship?  The mystery man insisted that he not be photographed, but fortunately Anthony was able to snatch a shot while he wasn’t looking.

you have to be kidding me. 32 comments

while browsing through the slums of myspace, i ran upon this little number….or should i say,BIG number.
at first glance you think “oh,another overphotoshopped,scene skank”
behind the scene angles,you find this
hunny let me start off by saying if you are going to photoshop yourself skinnier,PLEASE make your thunder thighs even..and your arm,LMFAO that is just a fucking joke.
your photoshop skills are worse than taryn’s and amor’s combined,you honestly kind of look like you scalped amor and ate her remains.

and vanity?!?! lol has anybody else noticed anybody with the word “vanity” after their name is completely fucking hideous?
with acception of anthony [whom is yummy =d]
i must say she is a new exception to the word SIF

don’t be lazy, do some crunches,fatty

like omg, its antoine vanity betches 13 comments

justtttt sayin lulz

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