Warning: Scene Bro/Abercrombie Type Model Chaser (2) 21 comments

Michelle Kimberly

One of the biggest shanks residing in ocean county (trust me i know i live here) who has fucked the likings of stephenlikewoah matt hess & shawn spencer but she will always deny it. this once stickam slut pranced around on stickam in a thong and bra hiding under a blanket. proclaiming “I’m a virgin” again and again. even though most to all knew the real truth.

A friend of mine captured this last year of her with a labtop showing off her ass in a random guys bathroom.

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not only is she the meanest vainest cunt but she will fuck some of the biggest names out there.From shitty sub genre bands which she loves to regular scene bros.

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Btw: Nice outfit.

She is nothing but high maintenance (a.k.a ugly) bad taste and horrible attitude.

Had to put her on blast.

one more thing she last stated to a friend that she could steal any boy away from sticky.

[Sticky’s note:  ^Oh, fuck my non-violence policy.  This bitch must die.]



John Hock’s Ex Name? 5 comments

Does anyone know this girls full name?.


used to go by __x__brittney on stickam

supposedly is the reason for the demise of his relationship between ericka back in December of 08′. when they had “reconciled”.

Proof @TilaOMG is nothing but a dream killer 15 comments

[Sticky’s note:  God I hate this chairdancing birdface whore.]

Below is a video shot around mid December of tilas future “baby daddy”.

From what i heard through the grape vine is that she was planning on breaking up with casey (obvious publicity stunt) through confusing she had been impregnated by this “estranged” man. but after there bond had been broken (the man in the video) and after casey died. she still carried out with her plan foiled plan of ruining more life’s!.this time proclaiming rapper the game and a slew of others!.

[Note to the the original uploader] it was smart of you to upload this directly to your facebook.

Not only is she crazy, but highly contagious dream killer!.

after reading this i hope she licks her lips in awe like she does in every video pretending to have swallowed a load. but only this time it will be of sweet karma!.

p.s ’tila army’ are people who want to see your ragged vagina = friendly horny apes.

John Hock’s Ex Ericka Marie – Where Is She Now? 10 comments

Disclaimer:Note Not Bashing.

A year and half later you wonder what ever happened to hocks main interest (Ericka Marie).

You know the one that hock threaten to beat up brookie because she was spreading wide fire blah blah.

anyways last i heard he gave her clap/herps causing her to delete/void out everything friends etc.

another is that he tarnished her in many ways after (obsession mainly) that she was so grieve stricken because of his incarceration.

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anyways i always thought she was a sweet girl driven girl.

but always the cliche. poor taste in guys.

anyways just curious.


Boycott TilaOMG On ‘Celebrity Rehab 4’. 11 comments

Consider your show to have hit rock bottom your rantings are going to plumbed (severely!).

Pill addiction my ass all this is to her, is a 9 episode (is it?), simple ploy to plug her shit bag label and music!.

she alone has more ‘haters’ than your whole show combined along with sober house.

P.s shes been bragging about this (big come back) for about a year on her now deleted twitter page (indirectly) of course!.


@keshasuxx is the real one @DaniArtaud @MELISSAGREEN @ALLISONGREEN are nothing but lookbook loose hacks gone wrong 84 comments

before hand: I had recently read a post on how the millionaires claim Kesha stole their sound (blahblahblah) one song!. i don’t know, but if she does it’s not overbearing like the millionaires.in the defense of that song i heard it was mainly being courteous to 3o3 (the auto-tune kings!.)

breaks downs…

kesha is part of the real l.A scene (where the Millionaires are not welcome!).
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Millionaires are part of the former scene kids who think they’re hip by looking at styles from lookbook..thus making them somehow original,claiming self.
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I had talked to a close friend of kesha’s and she had told me that (keshsa nor her) had ever met them!…neither were planning on meeting the trio ever.

This brings to mind (back to the interview)

“We hate Ke$ha,” Melissa calmly explained.

“knock her white trash block off”

“She is such a fake. She is not real. She’s signed to people who tell her how to act. That’s what makes us upset.

“We are who we have been since before the band. We are real – not like that white trash b*tch.

“This is how we dress every day – that is not how she dresses.” “We are real” etc.

How would they know about her being a ‘fake’ when they’re not even friends or inside the circle of friends that kesha is associated with?

hmmmm! (lying out of your ass to a bleak interviewer)

I sure think so.

this maybe pointless but it’s the truth.

the three scenes i was referring to.

1. The l.a/ca jaded hipsters who pull it off (kesha’s scene) andy milonakis dirt nasty etc.

2.The in between scene. people who have some what style and are friends with the above ‘cliques’ : hannabeth audry kitching stevie ryan.

3.The former scene kid now trying way to hard to be the above scene.

Millionaires and pretty much everyone associated with the millionaires.

All and all millionaires are a complete joke, they’re just sad that kesha beat them first to full fame (at there own game as they proclaim).  I dislike both sounds either way. But if you’re going to talk shit!…at least have some actual proof sources etc.

Millionaires have nothing to look forward to now.  Might as well just show full penetration in your videos. That might win over a whole new fan base.

Just a thought.




@TilaOMG Shave Your Pits! 48 comments

Rank!!!  Also, while you’re at it shut down that faux gossip site (horrible horrible).

Go back to showing your vag and grinding your babymaker in the air and having meltdowns on Ustream again.

P.S.,  I think everyone has seen your nipples and disgusting refund gap to many times…no need to point out.

I Need My Cake Now @prettyassliz @ihateRaquelReed @israelhilton 21 comments

Where did the days of all natural gooooooooo!

Raquel Reed (tries way too hard and looks like a hot mess tranny on a hot summer’s day without all of her makeup caked on.)

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Izzy Hilton (overly cocky narcissist!…would be nothing without all of that cake faux hipster scene kid etc)
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Elizabeth Comeaux (talentless generic model looks nothing like her photos in person overall trashy nobody)
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Photographers never step in because they want to get paid … pretty evident nowadays. sigh

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