I’m scared @mmmKikiKannibal 46 comments

try though Keekz

For some LULZ and giggles @thehannabeth @alainabeaton 2 comments


Finally!! A @mmmkikikannibal porno! 20 comments

Now that she’s 18 she’s broken loose!

..Well, looser than before she was 18.

Be warned, it’s 2 Girls 1 Cup-esque. Also, there is an extraterrestrial in the background.
Click for Screencap

It’s entitled “DooDoo and Libel.”
What makes this truely an original is that this was taken before the metal-mouth took effect.

@AmorHilton is too skinny, but wahy?? 43 comments

Okay I know Amor being reduced to a bag of bones is old news, here is WHY she is so thin, and WHY she will never ever let herself go near her old weight again.

Amor had these videos, among others, to haunt her. She was able to watch them over and over again, and she didn’t like what she saw.

As most of you may know, weight was a constant struggle throughout her childhood. Things that she’s been called that she’ll never forget, harassment, embarrassment, and shame that could never just “wash off.”

Even with weight loss those thoughts and that self-image don’t go away.

Not to mention that she has a distorted view as to what she should look like:

That’s why this is what she has reduced to:

So basically, this is what she’s gonna look like whether people talk shit or not, because she’d rather be too skinny (which growing up she’s never been) than too fat.

So stop saying “Why doesn’t she just eat?” “OMG She’s too skinny!” “Why is she that thin?” etc.

I’ve had enough of her. 43 comments

Okay, if you think this is a self-post okay, I’m done giving a fuck who you guys think I am. Honestly, I have WAYYY more self-respect for myself than this girl.

Okay seriously!? Some people are un-fucking-believable.
How “low” can you go, anyone? Oh not a dance, self-esteem wise.

(Full photo)
Took me a minute for it to sink in that she REALLY just put that she has Herpes as a caption for a Myspace photo.

Don’t know if she’s on drugs, or WTF she’s seriously doing posting these fucking pictures. How embarassing.

(Full photo)

(Full photo)
Oh yes, she just did.

Okay the story behind this girl, is that she’s a total and complete liar. Either that or her nationality, name, age, and height/weight just happens to change alot.

She’s really pretty, and interesting and nice, sure.
but She lies SO much it’s crazy. I’m not even kidding.

Her name used to be Ashlina Rodriguez back when I first added her. She faked a pregnancy.. (out of the blue she stopped talking about babies and deleted my comment asking her about it) Later on there was a picture of a little girl claiming it was hers, that was also taken down after a while.

Her nationality was: German, Afri American, White, Spanish, and Jap. Some crap like that, she likes to change it to just Black, White and Jap, and just different combinations pop up it’s like WTF is your real nationality!? Why does she have to lie like that??

Her height goes from 5’0-5’3.
Oh and her name was Ashlee Monroe, Ashley McKenzie.. etc.
Really it’s funny to watch her switch crap up and spit so much BS.

I’m wondering if anyone else knows her and notices.

I’m not a “jealous hater,” I’m just keeping it absolutely real. (obviously something she can’t do..)

I would post her link so you guys could see her change her crap for yourselves, but I really don’t want this to seem like a self-post.

Just thought I’d baffle you guys with this bullshit because really, I’m sitting here like WTF!? LMAO Who would put so much disgusting personal shit out there??
She has 4,000 friends come on now, it’s gross and makes her seem like a skank.

(& Don’t tell me to delete her, having her as a friend is too entertaining)

Spikes @RealAudreyKitch @mmmkikikannibal 29 comments

HEY KIKI!! Remember when you invented gold spikes?
Well Audrey totally stole them from you.

Hmm.. I’m surprised not a single commenter has made a comparison. Actually, I’m not surprised, Audrey probably deleted those comments.

Oh and BTW: When Audrey said Barbies VS Aliens, I seriously thought her blog would be about this:

The Blonds 2010
Sidenote: I like the shoes.

Hmm 33 comments

Comment was obviously deleted. 😉
For obvious reasons.

(Click photo to see video.)
(RIGHT-click “view image” to view the photo larger)

These people can’t be seriously cereal 3 comments

Okay WTF is with all her whorish pictures, and her eyebrows…?

LMFAO!! These people have gotta be kidding me. This girl’s a straight up SIF. Well here’s all the disgusting perves so you all know who they are. 😉

Sicko?? Ew, I have no clue how old this girl is either, but come on, that’s just weird.

Don’t know this girl, just stumbled upon her. Got nothing against her and she never offended me. Oh, wait, only with these pics but that’s about it.

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