@ChrisCrocker posts his own n00dz on Tumblr, yawn 14 comments

This is just as funny as seeing him on the iPhone Grindr App.  Aside from the fact that scene kids and “eCelebs” need to get the fuck off of Tumblr because they aren’t relevant on that site, this is embarrassing.

Anywho, here’s the link, enjoy(or vomit).


Hate Always,
Captain Steve XXX

Does anyone remember Robin? 15 comments

Hosted by Stickam.com
You know that fat white trash chick who everyone thinks has downs? Yeah well, I got a friend request on stickam so I clicked on the guy’s profile to see that he was live and guess what I found in his live? see for yourself…


I watched her videos and had a good laugh. enjoy fgts.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

for those of you who don’t check sticky-n00dz 7 comments

i posted some faggot’s fap video


check that shit, enjoy his fapping/cumshot.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

i remember someone mentioning this betch the other day 24 comments


enjoy betches.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

San Diego and surrounding areas, the WBC is coming 13 comments

this isn’t really eDrama BUT i’ve just been informed that the Westboro Baptist Church will be protesting at 7 different locations in San Diego on October 16, 2009. if you do not know who the Westboro Baptist Church is you may know them better as godhatesfags.com and know that they’re a group of possibly the most ignorant, inbred, redneck, pedophile terrorists in America. if you’ve never seen their website, i suggest you check it out. not only is it sickening but it’s disgusting and terrible.

counter protests are already being organized by various groups. they will be protesting at various Jewish establishments, San Diego High School and a few other places telling people that it is not okay to be gay or Jewish. if anyone in or near San Diego is interested in partaking in the counter protests feel free to shoot a message to myspace.com/xstevenx619 as i will regularly be posting updates via bulletins/mass e-mail.

i usually don’t post shit like this on stickydrama but i’ve made an exception in this situation, call it a self post all you want even though what you really mean is self promo, troll all you want, i don’t care, the point i’m trying to get across is that i’m dedicated to defend my city and i hope some people here share my point of view that the WBC is the most vile group of people to have ever walked the earth.


Captain Steve XXX

Matthew Lush Starts Series Similar to Scene Kid Love 23 comments

but will it be as funny?

i just watched it after he posted a link to it in one of his DList bulletins

i have to say, the acting is just as bad as the acting in gay porn.


so to answer the question i asked in the begining of this post, in my opinion, unless they sharpen their acting skills, no, this will definitely not top the humor in scene kid love. while the humor is somewhat mild, the acting kills it. but seeing as how it’s “to be continued” we shall see. but of course all of his fans will tell him how amazing the video is even though they will definitely be overhyping it.

it’s over, zip up your zipper and clean up your keyboard.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

jeffree star cut his hair? 6 comments

jeffree star cut his hair

i see he’s trying to pull off the 2004 scene girl look, personally i don’t think it looks too bad on him. similar to one of his cuts in circa 2003/2004

the responses to his tweet seem positive thus far

now let’s see what all the stickydrama/mydrama readers have to say about it

hate always,

captain steve xxx

lolwut? 38 comments

first things first, nothing more satisfying than spitting in Melissa from the millionaires’ hair, which I did at San Diego’s Warped Tour ’09. considering the fact that her overinflated hair is hiding secrets and STDs, i may have just been feeding the STDs more moisture which they need to survive.

I know it wasn’t very nice of me, but that’s the point, besides, it was the perfect opportunity. your crabs will thank me later.

secondly, can someone tell me what is wrong with this picture?

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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