LOLfuckingCANO 26 comments

i just about died when i saw this.  antoine vanity? lulz

i know this doesn’t have much relevance but i hope someone finds it as funny as i did.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

FAPPERS BE GONE! 7 comments

some of you may already know this but stickam has disabled the “going private” feature.

my guess is this is an attempt to keep stickam “cleaner” by the website. or an attempt to keep all the fappers on cam4.

perhaps this is a fail post BUT i think this is going to be funny, for all the pedos and pervs especially.

although i’m sure a lot of people will just set their lives to “friends only” and fap away. also i’m sure that stickam admins are currently being flooded with angry e-mails from angry fappers who will be missing out on their nightly fappage.

if there’s one thing i want to say to all the fappers it is “lulz at you!”

commence the angry fapper comments (:

hate always,

captain steve xxx

i love @anthonyvanity but this made me lulz 26 comments

what? pidgeotto is evolving

pidgeotto evolved into anthony vanity

i hope you enjoyed this at least a little bit (:

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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