Vanity Lush, Matthew Lush, James Shea, boobs exposed! 11 comments

I was in James Shea’s live yesterday when Matthew Lush’s “sister” Vanity Lush was showing off her boobs to everyone! After awhile she left, we all thought she was banned by a stickam admin. A few moments later I noticed she was live, so I decided to go and lurk. I got more then I thought I would, Vanity Lush continued to show her boobs and her vagina to over 100 people. Vanity Lush continues to say her brother is Matthew Lush, and after showing off her body she was banned. About 30 minutes later I hear from sources she was unbanned, Vanity Lush said “All it took was a call, and now I’m unbanned!” She still insists she’s Matthew Lush’s sister.

Stay classy Vanity “Lush”!

[Sticky’s note:  I normally embed links that this into the post, but I wasn’t going to spend the time  blurring out all these fucking Stickam logos.]

Here’s James Shea mass kicking everyone from Vanity Lush’s live!

@falonrobinson showing off her implants in @jamessheaj live 17 comments

Falon also known as PUSS N BOOTZ was caught showing off her implants in James Shea’s live. I was lurking due to the fact I was very bored to hear from a reliable source that Falon got implants. From what I seen they were pretty nice, but I also heard she didn’t pay much for them. I heard her “e-pimp” Tanner sucks dick for 5$ a piece to pay for her implants.