Hey @ChrisCrocker, Nobody Cares Anymore. 21 comments

Hey Chris, Nobody really cares about you anymore. Sure, you used to attract a large audience because you made semi-funny videos. Now your all serious & it shows how people just thought of you as a joke, as someone to laugh at. & also, it’s pretty funny how Jeffree’s response to Chris’ tweet was: “thank you.” Thats all. (aka stop talking to me?) Thats all I wanted to say (:


From what I’ve read in the comments so far, there are very mixed reviews about this music video.  Some love it, & some think it was a waste of hype & time. Opinions?

New Jeffree Star News! 11 comments

…not that anyone really cares, I’m sure, haha.

But anyway, it’s official that after moving the date about 900 times, the Get Away With Murder Music Video will be released on myspace’s front page on 1/23.

Also, the highly anticipated song “Blush” which was leaked by someone recording him playing it at a concert, will be released finally on 2/16. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qTBKlrDvas4

So… If you’re still a Jeffree fan, after all of his empty promises of new material and whatnot, there you go! –danwritessins

StickyDrama Reference in new BOTDF & Jeffree Collab Song! 31 comments

At 11:00 am, on Jan. 18, 2010, Jeffree tweeted that his new song with Blood on the Dance Floor is up on his youtube:

I mean… it’s alright, but definatly not Jeffree’s best.  Yet on the other hand, It’s probally the best BOTDF will ever get.

If you read the lyrics on the side bar of the video, there is a stickydrama reference!

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