@natalievans: The nobody who will steal your bf girls. 28 comments

This girl is Natalie Evans.

Earlier, I though she was a sweet innocent girl that I’ve seen on a fake myspace page passing as “Kristin Khaotic”. But in reality, I’ve done some research about this “myspace sweetheart”, and she turns out to be just another Hanna Beth. Natalie or how she prefers to be called, “Ali” Evans, is a band promoter (groupie more like it) and she hosts a TV show or so she claims. She lives in NJ (figures) and hangs out with a bunch of local bands to “help them”. “me and her dated for about a yr n god, she was such a bitch, she is bipolar as fuck i cant stand her” says one of her recent ex- bf’s. She can swear she is internet famous bt she really isn’t. The only way she will get famous is when she starts doing “STD/AIDS” commercials. She is such a bitch, I tried talking to her and all she could say was “You have a bf?” like how desperate can you be girl?

She twitters about nothing literally, she is a nobody trying to be someone, example: Mary Massacre, Brookelle Bones and all those other people trying to be famous via myspace and whoring themselves. Natalie, give up. You will not get anywhere by sucking famous people’s dicks. And to add more, this whore was ENGAGED, yes, ENGAGED. She was telling everyone about it one day in her stickam chatroom (which she never logs on anymore, unless she has a new one) who the hell would ever get married to this girl? I know I wouldn’t and so shouldn’t you. Do I feel bad for her? Honestly, yes. She needs help, she is obese and her face is horrible. Natalie, or should I say “Ali”, there is such things as surgeries to fix that huge nose of yours and that face that makes you look like a camel. Fix yourself, then take some nudes and post them up “accidentally” all over your myspace, you whore. This is a fail post but I could care less, I just wanted people to know how this bitch can be before you even talk to her, believe me, waste of time. And she claims she is a virgin…you judge that youself. STOP PHOTOSHOPPING YOURSELF THAT MUCH, god I don’t even know how you face the outside world without your photoshop. Put some clothes on whore, I love you fucking whore =]


finally J* admits it. 13 comments

He admits, finally.

Ryan Romance 16 comments

Sorry, not self-post. If I was to be this guy, I wouldn’t self post about myself.

DEAR people, I introduce you to

Ryan Romance

Ryan Romance from NJ (yes another failure from NJ) is a self claimed “scene king” who has like 7,000 friends on myspace, who he probably knows about…5 in real life? Anyways, he claims to be bff with Davie Vanity and he like workships Davie’s band by having them on his top friends, banners all over his page and my claiming that he hang and chills with them. Well Davie “wannabe” you are a huge failure. And he is so mean too, like on his page he claims to be OH SO NICE but he really isn’t. Don’t you hate people who are so stuck up and ugly,they think they have the right to put anyone down? Well he can’t talk much.


Say whaaaaaaaa?? 21 comments

I….no words. I found this and said to myself “REALLY???”

“Im not emo! I’m scene”

Who the fuck cares! I know fail post blah blah! Made me laugh though =] i totally lost 10 lbs. from laughing at this.

HOORAY! She make babies cry, because they think she is the “boogeyman”

Scene should die. At least for her.

Annoying BITCH 13 comments

Kiki Kannibal…I honestly don’t know why people admire her. The world is going to end.
(she got a weird tooth btw)
^^^^^^^^ Short TEETH?

She needs a sandwhich. Choke choke bitch =]

I think that’s how she swallowed half her missing tooth….

who is this??? 26 comments

came across this girl on myspace called “Kristen Khaotic” but i think she might be a fake cause she got other chick pics on her profile, so im left with the question, who exactly is this girl? never seen her before. Anyone help me?

Who is this person, how old is she and is she from the U.S.???