Brokencyde Arrested in New Mexico (Possibly False) 25 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Other sites are reporting that the arrest was a fake news story.]

Well kids, its about time this happened. Earlier today on the popular music and news site (Ultimate-Guitar), it was reported that Brokencyde was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Charges include: Possession of illegal substances, Child Pornography, and Rape. We all know how much Sticky enjoys seeing original documents, so here’s the article:

Now that we have established Brokencyde is in custody. This is a tabloid site, not a “Come here and stick up for Brokencyde” site, so we don’t need any posts sticking up for them. So for all of you who feel the need to do so, please re-direct your attention to the article and cry me a river.

<3 Fetish

“Britt!e” 31 comments

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now. This girl added me on myspace (Yes added ME… As in thats how desperate she is for friends) and I went to look at her pictures. (Note: This ain’t a self post bby’s. This “britt!e” is a girl, Fetish is not.)

First Picture I saw:

So far you can see how FAKE she looks.

Also… Metal face much? >.>

I have nothing against piercings at all… But there is a time when you need to stop getting them on your face.

Here’s her link (Very tempted not to post it because I do not like her):

PS- Sorry for small pics, i fail.

PSS- Doesn’t her name look like “brittle”? Really, I do not find that attractive what-so-ever.

<3 Fetish

Chris Hollywood and “House of Glass” 4 comments

As many of you may know our lovely wanna-be internet whore, Chris Hollywood, was kicked out of Black Veil Brides.

Since then, him and another member, Pan, Have gone on to start their own band.

Now tell me this… How exactly are two guitarists a band?