Myspace Whore “Notorious” Shot Dead on Oct, 29th 71 comments

Man killed after he attacks 2 officers

Officers suffer several hits with metal pipes


POINT PLACE, Ohio – Two Toledo police officers who were responding to a stabbing in Point Place late Thursday morning stunned, shot, and killed a man after he attacked them with pipes.

Toledo Police Chief Mike Navarre said three officers responded to a residential area on Northridge Drive off Suder Avenue at around 11 a.m.

During an afternoon news conference at the Toledo Police Safety Building downtown, Chief Navarre said the suspect who was shot and killed by police is identified as 29-year-old Pyon Simmons.

The responding officers located a male suspect in the street and tried to get him to comply with orders. When the suspect refused to cooperate with police, he attacked two of the officers with pipes.

The two officers,  a male and female, were both hit several times on their upper body, including the head. Moments later, he was hit with a stun gun three times. The three officers fired their stun guns at Simmons but he allegedly grabbed a trash can and deflected two of the prongs.

One of the electrical prongs did hit Simmons, who fell to the ground.

Chief Navarre said the suspect yanked the stun gun prong from his body, stood up, and then charged at the officers again. Seconds later, two of the three officers pulled out their guns and fatally shot the suspect.

The officers discharged their weapon four times. Two of the shots hit Simmons on the side of his body and another shot to the head.

“The officers were struck multiple times,” Chief Navarre said during an afternoon news conference. “Officer Dave O’Brien was assaulted. He was struck in the side of the head in the back and suffered a very large gash. He was sutured up at the hospital.”

“Officer Any Shaner was struck several times,” the chief added. “She took one on top of the head, which broke one of those metal pipes in half. If you were out at the scene and you saw one of those pipes broken in half, that was the result of the top of Officer Amy Shaner’s head. She was also struck twice in the side of the head – once right across the left ear and she was struck in the throat. I believe she was also struck on the wrist as she tried to deflect one of his attacks.”

Both of the injured officers were transported to Mercy St. Vincent Medical Center for treatment. The third officer, who assisted in trying to apprehend Mr. Simmons, was identified as Officer James Mawer. Chief Navarre said he did not go to the hospital for treatment.

Toledo police got a call from a woman, identified as Su Simmons, being driven to an area hospital after she told dispatchers she was stabbed by her son at her home in the 2100 block of Northridge Drive. She told police dispatch her son had some sort of mental problems and was still near the house.

She was allegedly stabbed twice by her son, Pyon, inside and outside the residence.

When the officers arrived, a neighbor told them Mr. Simmons was trying to steal his truck. He then approached and swung pipes at the officers. He landed several blows on two of the officers.

Neither of their injuries are expected to be life-threatening, but Chief Navarre said Officer O’Brien is in serious condition.

Su Simmons’ condition is unknown.

This is the third fatal shooting by Toledo police in 2009.

The shooting and alleged stabbing remain under investigation.

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