@BOTDFmusic Dahvie Vanity And Jessi Slaughter Explained By Jessi Slaughter Herself 137 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Don’t ask me what she means, because I have no fucking clue.  I just click publish.]

People STFU This Is A Very Private Matter And Im Dealing With It.
This Post Ruined Muh Life…
And Yes That Was Muh Status On Myspace! Cuzz I Saw A Squril Fall Out Of A Tree In Muh BakYard!
It Was Funnah To Meh!
Muh Mom Has Read This And Is Talking To Dahvie On The Fone Right Nao!
So I Would Shut Your Mouths If I Were You!
I Have Muh Life And Dahvie Has His.
We Are Just Friends!
If You Have Shit To Talk About Us Keep It In Your Little Worlds Where We Arnt! We Have More Of A Life The You Will Eva Have!
So Keep Sitin On Your Internet Dissing Us And Well Live Our Happy Little Xsiteing Lives C=
You Kno You Love Me