Formspring Haters Gone Wild 22 comments

Well, as you might already know, is a place where drama is born. Just recently, Lady Bebe (a girl known off, Pamela (supposedly Bebe’s sister), and their friend Ferrr have been involved in conflicts with a site called “HateScene”.

HateScene is a site who hates on innocent kids, their site is actually a tumblr ( They also run a formspring (

The central problem was that HateScene and others
accused Bebe of copying off Brookelle Mckenzie. (No one has claimed this true.) HateScene then decided to make a blog about Bebe and Pam. According to Pam, all the info is false.

As the argument went on, Pam decides to defend Bebe by going against HateScene’s theory. Pam and HateScene are intense with their witty insults. Several others, such as Ferrr, decide to go against the 26 year old anti-scene hater along with her pals “Sam”, “Peaceholder”, and others. They continue to trash the two, Bebe, Pam and Ferrr by their appearance. Especially Peaceholder, whom hated Pam for her hair and eyes.

Ferrr, the hero in all of this, was accused of being Pam himself. In all reality, I have confirmed he is indeed real.

A few nights went by, and they all decided to stay up until very late hours still arguing. Pam still fighting off Sammith (a woman in her late 30 years who stays on formspring all day), and Ferrr facing off Peaceholder (a girl that loves Brookelle Mckenzie secretly, but denies to her friend “HateScene” to stay on her good side). It was all pretty nasty, back and forth drama. (this is all happened on ladies and gentlemen)
To this day, there is still a little more bickering going on between the two sides, but we think HateScene’s side is way over theyre head because we believe Pam, Bebe,and Ferrr can win this I am just an anonymous person, writing this funny story out. I thought I’d share with you all. Why don’t you ask them yourself what exactly happened?

Their Formspring’s

Ferrr- (the hero)