@BrandonHilton In a Movie? 56 comments

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Most of us know the attention hungry, super queer Brandon Hilton. He’s known for his shitty music and being e-famous. ‘Cause that’s gonna get you some straight up V.I.P treatment isn’t it, Brandon? So I guess he’s starring in a movie called ‘Midnight Cabaret’. First of all, by the way his music sounds, I don’t think his acting can get much worse, but it also probably can’t get any better. Oh and what kind of people would let Brandon Hilton into their movie? Honestly?
I cannot wait until this, as Brandon puts it, SEXUAL trailer premieres. I’m sure it’ll be rather lulworthy.



LOL, Miles Massacre? 47 comments

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This boy, regardless of the fact that MySpace is dying, is still trying to make it to MySpace whoredom, which in itself makes me LOL. Anyways, I’ve had Miles on my friends list for quite some time now, never really looked into him. But I found out that he has a music page. I clicked with caution because after seeing his flamboyant faggotry, who knew what I was getting myself into. It loaded, and boy do I wish I would’ve have never clicked on that. His ‘band’ is called ‘The Owlery’. This band consists of him sitting in his downstairs living room screeching into a microphone and throwing techo-ish beats over it. I don’t have a person problem with Miles, I more feel terribly sorry for him because he honestly probably thinks he can sing good. There is also a Miles Masscare fansite. LOLOLOL, that is REALLY hard to believe and it was probably made by him or one of his friends. Well that’s really all I have to say for now. I’ll be back some other time.

His myspace; www.myspace.com/milesgill
The Owlery(provided for the lulz); www.myspace.com/zombiesatetheunicorn