@jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker PAYS for adds 25 comments

So I’m pretty sure that most of the people on this site have heard of Jackson Jawbreaker. I have always been curious as to how this kid got a pretty impressive friend count of over 23,000. (If myspace was still relevant.) Jackson hasn’t done anything too amazing, going his little bit of notability from being a mod in Kiki Kannibal’s live, his twitter fight with Audrey Kitching (which I posted about before), and miscellaneous photoshop blunders and efaggot fights. Well, I think I found my answer. I was on maxadds.com, one of the most popular and used friend-adder sites for myspace. I was trying to add some people to my band’s myspace when I came across Jackson’s picture. Now, I know that almost everyone has used one of those types of sites at one time or another, but the thing was, he was in the VIP section. To get in the VIP section you have to pay. At the time I saw this there was about 30 days left of his VIP status on the site, meaning he paid at LEAST $75 for this. I think it’s pathetic to have to pay to get people to add you. I only care enough to post this because this kid always acts like he’s better than everyone else, and kindof gets under my skin.

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@jaGKson Jackson Jawbreaker’s new clothing line, Frosting Attire? 25 comments

A few months ago, there was a post about a message argument between Stacie Spunkers and Jackson Jawbreaker. (Here)

While the convo was nothing more than an interweb catfight, I found something interesting;
“During this wonderful conversation he stated that hes going to have his own clothing line and is working on music in 2011.
What a load of rubbish, made me laugh.”

After doing some snooping on his Formspring and Twitter recently (for an unrelated story) I found this:
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I followed the link from Twitter and found this.
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I have to say, I was shocked to find out that he wasn’t just trying to make himself sound more important. While the Tshirt design looks very cliche among ‘scene’ clothing lines, it actually looks legit. And, if he is, do you think he’ll start a music career as well? If you’ve been ‘lucky’ enough to be in his live the few times he has actually broadcasted, you know that he sounds like a scratchy prepubescent girl. Keep it off iTunes hun.

Myspace.com/44317939 (This myspace was in his top, I assume its the official one for his line.)