Isaiah Garnica coming out of the woodwork 12 comments

So being my typical nosy self I stumbled upon this image of billionaire and facefreak Jocelyn Wildenstein and designer Lloyd Klein during Palm Springs Fashion week. Then 2 seconds later i realized its singer/model/stickam waste-case Isaiah Garnica between them!!! LOL!!!!

Maybe its Isaiah’s new sugar momma? Or maybe they’re just exchanging beauty tips?

Ke$ha vs Millionaires? 17 comments

I think it’s absolutely fucking hilarious to even entertain the idea that there is a feud between Kesha and the Millionaires. SORRY MILLIONAIRES, you aren’t MILLIONAIRES. YOU SUCK. Do you have one of the longest running #1 singles of the year? NOPE. STFU PLZ!! GO CHECK UR MYSPACE!

Tranny Recipe of the Day 36 comments

Johnny Boy. Bake at 350 degrees for 17-19 years. Let sit for several minutes before fucking.



“Get Away With a Small Penis” 21 comments

And you KNOW his little peener was hard with all those zexy boys everywhere.
He was totes right in wanting to dress up like a girl the rest of his life.


What happened to ISAIAH GARNICA! 17 comments

Remember Isaiah Garnicrap???? and his drunken stickam sessions and all the drama that went down with Chris Crocker?

well i guess he’s actually been doing shit cause he just posted a music video for his first single…

(theres the link since idk how to make the vid show)

i gotta say its not too shabby! better than the hideous noise that BRANDON hilton calls “music” this boy does got something goin on…and its kinda surprising coming from someone who was on the shitfest known as stickam.

failpost. idgaf.

isaiah garnica