@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L Meet in Studio, Fight on Twitter 99 comments

[Sticky’s noteThe evidence seems to weigh in Kiki’s favor.  In a blog entry, Jonny’s own band confirms Kiki’s description of Jonny’s behavior.]

@mmmKikiKannibal and @JonnyCraig4L, ex-member of “Dance Gavin Dance” met in the studio, and apparently things didn’t go so well.

In retaliation, he tweeted a compromising picture of Kiki.  I’m assuming it’s new: her roots are well grown out, and the bra
she’s wearing was in a YouTube video she uploaded about a month ago.

[Sticky’s note:  While Live on Stickam, Kiki said that she did not send that photo to Jonny.]

How did he even get that picture in the first place?

Koti vs. Kiki – Who’s Prettier? 81 comments

anaface.com says Koti is prettier than Kiki.

Deal with it.

@mmmkikikannibal’s hair 44 comments

Someone needs to do their roots.

and why did she dye her hair grey? She looks like an old lady, that canary cardigan isn’t helping either. eugh.

Kiki Kannibal Finally Off The Internet? 135 comments

Kiki Kannibal hasn’t updated her Twitter, signed into her Stickam, or answered a Formspring question in five days.  The blonde teenager is Stickam’s top-ranked female Entertainer, leaving her not-so-many fans and her very very many haters wondering what’s up.

How long will her absence last?  Hopefully just a week or two, since she’s too conceited to give up these inherently narcissistic sites.

There are various rumors floating around that Kiki has checked into a hospital or some other form of treatment facility, an eating disorder being the most popular story.




LOL @RealAudreyKitch 17 comments

An anon comment posted in @realAudreyKitch Copies Another Blog post make me LOL hard.

It was a link to one of Audrey’s buzznet posts:

She fixed it of course, but we still got the embarrassing screen cap!

@dakotakoti’s problem 69 comments

I just feel bad that she sees herself that way. All the compliments she gets on her formspring, she just turns it around a puts herself down. And she thinks she’s in kiki’s “shadow?” C’mon, if that’s not enough to tell you what kind of self esteem she has.

And If you thought Dakota photoshops, she doesn’t. She really is as thin (probably thinner) as she looks in her pictures.

Dakota’s Twitter

LOL @RealAudreyKitch 32 comments

Her new default on Twitter:


Remember Chloe Cowlishaw?! 27 comments

Do you remember Chloe Cowlishaw?

I sure do!

Wanted to know what’s up with her, so I went to her Twitter and found this as her default:

At first I thought, “Wow, she’s working out, not wearing all the make up, she looks great! Good for her!” Well, I was wrong. These screen caps are from a video she posted on Youtube today, and she looks … different.

Don’t hate because according to Chloe Cowlishaw, “You’re just jealous.”

Image and video hosting by TinyPic
^Watch her rant about her haters, lose train of thought,
then move on to talking about her boring life.
How does she get so out of breath just from talking?

P.S. She’s still awkward and sniffs her upper lip too much.



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