Kiki influencing Dakota.. In a good way. 23 comments

Kiki hugging some guy with a cigarette pack in his front pocket, (Though she hates smokers and doesn’t associate with such people) and Ryan, AKA Wolfie, Kiki’s man, in the background.

I bet Mama Kannibal took this picture though. (;

Noods? 7 comments

Where on earth did this tab go?  I don’t know the whole John Hock story.  Storytime?  Anyone want to tell me where to go to read, or hear the whole story?

Thank you


tranny cam is gone No comments


explain plz, because i saw nothing about it in the forum


hate always,

captain steve xxx

So, when is Amor Hiltons birthday? 12 comments

Im sure someone knows. It seems to fluxuate from her being 18-20 on all her profiles.

When was she born


And why does she lie about it? 23 comments

first off, this is Johnny Death, not eden. i just dont have a mydrama account

TO EVRYONE READING THIS YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK. get a life ok? just because my house is full of sexxy normal people deosnt mean you motherfucking emo wrist slitters should talk shit.



i am soo happy that i have never been on the front page of this faggot ass site. and all u bitches that think i fucked john hock… FUCK YOU. i never fucked any guy ever! and you cant prove shit bitch. so go suck a dick and slit yo wrist hoe.

anthony vanity you are fat! (yes i said this u puerto rican faggot, johnny death is the coolest guy you will ever meet, and you are pissed i wont fuck you.)

and for the record i never wanna be on the front page of such a lame ass site like this, eww! do me a favor dont comment this or add me cuz i dont want losers like you in my live! or reading my twitter bitch. i will not approve you unless i know you.

suck my dick and get a job.    -johnny death

amor and johnny death

amor and johnny death



Army Pedo Much? 4 comments

We should add being a pedophile onto his list. He gets the girl ive included in this post to strip on cam for him often.

He has spent time trying to get this girl to fly out to him to sleep with him.

Skank much?

MySpace HACKED? or something else. 21 comments

This picture shows an attempt to get on MySpace to log on, but it wouldn’t let me do anything!

What’s going on!?


lmao. watch this video and see how crazy he is.

The welfare project piece of crap.

Watch the video:

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