@mmmKikiKannibal harasses ex @Jakefuckingwolf and his rebound 17 comments

Well, if these 3 don’t love airing out their dirty laundry for all to see?

Practically wrote this post for me.

It started with this:

Wonder who asked Jake that “question?”

It was given around the same time @jakefuckingwolf and @YTJacquelynLove started openly flirting on their twitters just days after Jake kicked Kiki to the curb.

Jake then posted this today:

Which was responded to with this:

By her:

Guess who posted soon after?

She subsequently deleted her posts. But luckily, I managed to cap them 😉

Guess Kiki gets her kicks from harassing the same guy she claimed had been harassing her.

Guess that explains these lyrics, written by Jake Wolf while he was still dating Kiki:

“so i got this gorgeous girly and she really loves to love me. and when we get to fightin’ yeah, she really loves to fuck me. she’ll be shoutin’ she’ll be screamin’. she’ll be sayin i don’t love her. but when i whip my junk out she’ll be beggin’ me to fuck her.”

Who knew Kiki was into S and M?

Vanexxxa Hudgens Blasted on Live TV 5 comments

Dane Cook saying what everybody thought at the Teen Choice Awards.

Not Stickam related, but I consider this a message to all of the underage slutbags on Stickam who show their breasticles to the first boy in their chat who calls them “beautiful”: if you insist on taking photographs of your underage ladybits, delete them after you send them to your John Hock of the month.