Mydrama poster MurderXxX trying to be the next @JessiiSlaughter??? 14 comments

Ok, so I hope everyone read a previous post by MurderXxX. She claims that she is 14 and made out with Dahvie and “other things” at a concert that was somewhere, but we don’t know where. Well, the silly girl put her twitter as her website. So I clicked the link and was reading some of her tweets when I found this one. (the highlighted one below)

muderXxX twitter

So, then I saw the link on her twitter to her myspace. Which her pictures are private but, her “about me” isn’t. Thats where she so bravely posted her phone number for the world to see. ( I blocked it out and her myspace url just because I’m sure sticky won’t post it and I wouldn’t want him too.

muderXxX myspace

I’m only assuming by her posting on mydrama that she was raped and giving her twitter as her website (where she clearly admitted she lied in her mydrama post by saying she raped BOTDF and not the other way around) that she really wants to be the next Jessi Slaughter and have people harass her as well. Whats next a youtube video??? Well, Betsy just remember “Consequences will never be the same!!!”