StickyDrama’s new low 61 comments

Am I the only one deeply disturbed by the responses lately on this site? Recently there has been a post about Dahvie allegedly having sex with an 11 year old girl. I’m not going to state my opinion on whether I think its true or not. But my reason for posting this is how the fuck can people see a post like that and write comments like “oh that girls fat” “nobody has sex with 11 year olds” “lol shes ugly”

1. You should never EVER look at an 11 year old or comment on their looks they are far to young to be judged in that kind of matter by an adult.Besides what kind of adult actually says that about a child? I know someone is considered legally an adult at 18 but I feel this goes for people my age too (16) because we are old enough to know better.

2. Sadly people do have sex with 11 year olds, 7 year olds, 9 year olds. I’m not stating dahvie is a child molester and honestly I didn’t care to research to far into his history of legit cases of child molestation but it isn’t impossible to think that a grown man can woo a naive little girl into having sex with him its happens everyday

3. If that is a self post which it probably is, Why don’t YOU be the adult and tell her privately that what shes doing and how shes presenting herself isn’t right instead of sitting there on your book of knowledge and big vocabulary and make fun of a little kid. I messaged her before on youtube about this situation. Giving her attention and her idea of “efame” is just encouraging her. I know she makes herself look stupid and this is stickydrama but still there should be a line with most of you. Shes a child she doesn’t know any better and shes naive.

And for the record I think everyone said and did stupid things when they were a kid. Just leave her alone and stop encouraging her to do these things. Even for stickydrama this I find incredibly low.

Thats really all I have to say, I’m just so disgusted.

For shits and giggles 42 comments

Lets just imagine this scenario. Lets say the bill titled Protecting Cyberspace as a National Asset Act somehow gets passed [despite Joe Liebermens unpopularity] and for some reason Obama decides to shut down the internet believeing there is some kind of threat. Lets just say for a week. How would these internet celebrities react to not being able to go online and for one day deal with being a regular person? Because we know damn well they don’t get much attention or special treatment in life (or atleast these e celebs exclusively)

amor hilton
Dakota Rose
brandon hilton
Brandon hilton?
Pretty nicki

Pretty nicki?

[Sticky’s note:  Nicki’s not an e-celeb.  Just a sex offender.  Alyssa Marie in the photo behind her is a far sluttier e-slut.]

Just imagine! No stickydrama for them, No relishing in hate comments, no making fake fanpages for themselves. A snap back to reality that they are merely a normal person.

Who would probably go nuts?(Brandon by far) Who might actually go on with their life?(I honestly think amor) Which Kannibal sister would react worse?(kiki). Disagree with my opinions? DISCUSS

Tasteless tattoos brought to you by Avril Lavigne – what a surprise? 28 comments

Ink’d magazine is one of the leading tattoo magazines in the united states. Their magazine obviously appreciates the art. But this june 2010 cover has me… sick to my stomach. Is it me? or would you agree?avril lavigne june 2010 ink'd cover

Avril lavigne, a “musician” I wouldn’t even consider relevent anymore (or a songwriter for that matter but we won’t talk about her plagiarized shitty ass songs here). I’ll admit especially in recent years I have had no respect towards avril. But now she has really taken the cake. As you know she just got a divorce from her husband deryck wiebly (that ugly guy from sum41). Yes the guy who made out and got tattoos with hanna beth apparently.

So of coarse she would be heart broken, shes entitled to that…. well here let me just post some quotes from the interview from the magazine.

On Deryck:
“We celebrated his 30th birthday together. It was a big one and I was like, ‘Lets get 30 tattoos. I will if you will.'”

On fan tattoos:
“I’ve seen people with my portrait, and some people put my name on them after I sign my autograph. I signed one girl’s ass and she tattooed it. I was like, ‘Ooh, I better do a really good job!'”

On future tats:
“I want to get a big-ass-motherf*****g tattoo on my forearm. I’m going to wait a few years and make sure I still want it then. I have to wait for that special someone to come back into my life. I want to do a big-ass heart with a flag through it with a name. I want it to be a huge experience and statement.”

1.Getting a tattoo on his 30th birthday, reasonable – 30? Thats just a really dumb way to spend your money. Not to mention make yourself completely unattractive (I’ll admit avril used to be preety). Jumping to the last quote now..

I can understand if she will remain friends and close with her ex. But she needs to move on. Maybe those two will get back together who knows? But If I do they’ll be the next britney and kfed minus the superstardom and tv show. She should stop worrying about waiting for him to “come back to her” She comes across extremely immature. I’m surprised she was even allowed inside the tattoo shop. She acts and presents herself like she is 12. “I want to do a big-ass heart with a flag through it with a name. ” LOL please do get that tattoo it’ll probably be 100x funnier then the way you descirbed t.

Oh and by the way her favorite tattoo is the word fuck on her ribs….(wait till she gets knocked up it’ll probably look like the word fag after she gets all stretched out. )

All jokes aside this is what really bugs me about this. The fact that she’ll get 30 poorly drawn completely unoriginal and retarted tattoos all over he body that just make her look like trash and then she is rewarded with a magazine cover? Especially that fuck tattoo seriously? get a picture of yogi bear tattoo’d on your neck – thats more meaningful then the word “fuck” and it’ll atleast look better too. You can just imagine the deep thought process she must have when deciding what to have tattoo’d on her, sitting there with a sharpie writing things like “shit fuck cock” on her buttcheeks. If anything she needs to be confronted by the TRUE tattoo “Ink’d” community (people with artistic and meaningful tattoo) especially the women. Many tattoo’d women are out down now we have this clown trash canadian whore making it worse. She only got this because shes a “celebrity” meanwhile there are plenty of other more famous celebs with better looking tattooos then her.

If she didn’t get this cover because shes a celebrity I want to know whos dick she sucked to get it. An idiot who gets the word fuck tattooo’d on them deserves to be thrown face first into a dumpster where their haggard ass looking body belongs.

How do you feel about avril? Know anyone with dumb ass tattoos? Think tattoos are repulsive all together? Are you honestly surpirsed at this? What do you think about her and her ex? DISCUSS

I weigh 150lbs TROLL ME 102 comments

Or say some really offensive fat joke. It’ll make me stop posting on my drama.

Alot of people on this site like to throw the words fat around to the point where people even call sticks like amor fat. First of all 94lb girls are not that. If you think so you need to see a docter because I’ve just diagnosed you with having some kind of eating disorder. Point is just because someones fat doesn’t mean they arn’t intelligent. Sometimes I see fat girls have a preetier face then girls who diet like crazy.

I can see how fat can be offensive sometimes. When the person is about 200 and their tits are popping out of their shirt and they are wearing the tightest clothes possible.. I can understand. But even fat girls can look nice if they can acknowledge their own body image and wear clothing that compliments them. Alot of the girls that are really skinny (by starving themselves) look like they’ve gone through 6 months of chemo theapy and are wearing really cheap wigs from a thrift store. Personally I like eating once a day.

I never call people fat. I think its wrong to just call anyone fat especially if you don;’t know that person. They could be having a medical problem and no matter how hard they work to lose weight its just to hard. Many people don’t take that into consideration. I have orthostatic intolerance. Long story short it prevents me from doing a normal amount of excercise. Its strange it lies dormant for most of your life until your body starts to change or you have a major injury and are in recovery. Its something you are born with and is very difficult to diagnose due to the fact there is little knwon about it and only about 500,000 people in the US have it. So I went from being really thin in my opinion — 115lbs to 150 just from not being able to sit or stand for or excericise that much for that matter. It has finally gotten under control I’m losing weight fast, my point in telling this lil story just a reality check.

You can be the preetiest girl the thinnest then something can happen thats out of your control a car accident, diesease, some kind of tragedy can happen to anyone. So don’t just throw the word fat around unless its due. if a girl is alil chubby but she covers herself nicely with anything that isn’t tight as hell or making her breasts fall out, just skip over that word in the dictionary of mean troll words of stickydrama and just posting something else mean. This is stickydrama I know you guys are good at coming up with mean things to say lol.

Besides you can hate fat girls but you can’t hate beth ditto. Shes the lead singer of the gossip weighs atleast well over 230lbs goes out onstage every night in skimpy and tight outfits and no shoes on and rocks out. That is commendable and I don’t care how many people think she looks disgusting (of coarse she does) but holy shit she has guts for doing that. And if she can do that then I don’t think its to hard for some girls to humble down and not try to be “models” all the time. especially the “models” who have photoshoots with their best friends in their backyards. they really need to stop that. beth dittobeth dittobeth ditto with her tranny girlfriend (legit) and kate moss

Fat is overused anyway especially in situations where it doesn’t even support an arguement. Is it funny when fat people say “I’m models” on the internet…..ABSOLUTELY! Not discrediting that. Just leave the fat girls that know they are fat alone and save all the your fat comments to the fat girls that think they are kate moss.
Are you proud of your body image? how do you feel about what I said any objections? additions to my thoughts? is fat really one of the most overrated words? Can fat people be beautiful? even the slightest bit of admiration for beth dittos nerve? DISCUSS

ps. Othrostatic intolerance is not life threatening what so ever. Just wanted to disclose that.

Keep hatin, I’M AMAZING – What Is Internet Famous? 63 comments

HAhaHAhaHAhaHAha you ANONYMOUS haters are just sooooooooo jEALOUS of me because I am able to post things on mydrama and YOUUUUU CAN’T!!! and you are all just fat and wish you had the bodyI havein my pics. and all of you down there in the comment section are just making me even more famous so keep hating and posting funny blogs about me because I’m going to ride to the top of the stickydrama fame ladder and cash in on my grand prize…….wait a minute.

I was reading my comments and I saw a username Haters make me famous — a quote I hear from everybody. I just want to clarify for all the heavyweights, the fanboys/girls who say it to defend their favorite eceleb, and of coarse the trolls of stickam — as fun as it is to watch people fight over the internet and have a random person write a “TELL ALL ” blog about you it will never make anybody famous.

people like amor hilton and ki ki kannibal are only really famous on here and stickam. If I went into school and asked people who any of them were they would be like “who the fuck is that”. haters will never make anyone famous off of the internet.

and what exactly is being internet famous? have 2874358384364 friends on myspace? youtube buzznet? all having alot of friends on any site means is that a bunch of people clicked a button. It doesn’t meanwhoever added you really knows who you are and worships and you and would give up their right shoe to meet you and hang out with you. Same goes for comments on a blog how much time is consumed by posting a comment. Not a great amount of time is being dedicated by commenting.

Even tila tequila she had her 15 seconds of fame with that reality show and now where is she? I actually watched This interview with tila after her gf died and the interviewer asked her flat out “Why do you post so many things on twitter? such personal things”. and she down right stated that she has no real friends and shes very lonely. That she has nobody to cope too. That I find sad. You have to think who wants to hang out with you if your so obsessed with your own myspace page and spend all day tricking out your shit

The othr funny thing is most people say most haters are just jealous. People hate Adolf Hitler, are they jealous of him? Maybe a very low percentage. But 99.9% arn’t. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t always mean that they are jealous of you.

all the friends, comments, self posts, hate comments will ot make you or anybody else famous. I promise by 2020 nobody will know any of these people.

what do you think? Can someone really get famous off of internet stardom? Who do you think is maybe the most level headed eceleb (someone who is atleast mentioned on stickydrama semiregularly) how do you think people like jefree star or kiki do when they realize…they are not famous?! DISCUSS.

Getting Off On @RayWJ and @MidnightBeasts 9 comments

I know this is definately a fail post but I just wanted to see if I was nuts about these two guys being strangely attractive especially with their thick accents. If I were to mention them I’d have to mention Ray william Johnson. Hes in the top ten most subscribed on youtube and has a show called =3. All I want to know is who thinks this guys a hunk. look up the doing your mom video and for some reason I can’t keep my eye off his biceps in that video.

Ray william johnson

He was in a comedy rap group called Fatty spins. I definately — out of all their songs suggest the apple store love song.


Now this next group really baffles me Theres a rap comedy group from the uk… which I can not stop listening to for some reason. They call themselves the midnight beast. I personally think their lyrics are genius and two of the guys (stefan and ashton) are preety cute) heres my favorite song from them at this moment– it changes everyday.

that song is lez be friends. Nick hoults in the video 😀 I don’t know why but I am strangely attracted to their accents. I just want to do a brief comparison of the midnight beast and blood on the dance floor. I won’t go to far being as it is sort of unfair for both fans because they are as similar as apples and peppers but I just feel if they want to write songs about sex and other fun shit… they can go more of the midnight beast route. Maybe have their lyrics alil more mature.

No offence to blood on the dancefloor but their songs are so immature its worse then pre- ejaculaters and fan fiction sex stories combined. I just wish they’d be alittle more clever with their lyrics.

What do you think about ray william johnson is he a hunk? the midnight beast good ?bad ? fail post we know.. move on. How do you feel about what I said about blood on the dance floor and their lyircs…. anyone agree about english accents being sexy? I don’t know I’m a sucker for accents. All opinions are welcome. DISCUSS!

Epic shitty singer battle: Kiki Kannibal vs Amor Hilton 42 comments

whos the better singer kiki or amor-- talk about it

These girls have both have taken shots at being singers. Kikis got a video of her singing on her stickam page **I couldn’t find it so heres a sticky post from someone else with the video**

amor and this gay guy formed a group called royaltyyy. Heres the two songs that I can find.

YES I’m going to be posting my thoughts on both of these girls. My only request is when discussing them lets not be like “AMOR IS A BIGGER WHORE THEN KIKI BLAH BLAH BLAH” and vice versa. Quite honestly I could care less about all the gossip and stupid shit they have done. I just want to see what happens when I put two stickydrama heavyweights against eachother and who might actually have the potential to have a music career…or not? I just thought It’d be interesting to talk about.

I’m not posting the reviews right away– quite frankly I’m to busy right now with studying and I don’t want to flood mydrama with 5 posts today But I’ll post them by the end of the weekend.

Also I want to thank my friend Riley, He decided to be nice and make me a little custom picture for this post to make it more flashy looking. Hes an amazing friend and he said he’d make more stuff for me whenever I decide to post. Don’t talk shit about his picture I like it and he didn’t even have to put effort into it because he wanted to do it for fun. I’m just saying this because I know theres going to be atleast one douchebag thats going to say “wow he really sucks at paint and hes ugly!” just like all the other unintelligent unoriginal hate comments on this site.

So whos the better singer KiKi or Amor? DISCUSS

thanks for reading

BREAKING NEWS: @Brandon_Hilton fucked a boy 40 comments

Today mr/ms Brandon hilton posted a new song on youtube, and as I expected he tried yet again to mooch off of a popular song.  The song “I kissed a girl” by Katy Perry is not only an overly redone and covered song but is probably one of the easiest songs to parody.

Yes I said it for anyone who listens to that song and thinks its some kind of deep vangoh like shit then you need to have some scans done. The only idiot I’ve ever heard of who really seemed to take it alil seriously was of coarse the fame moocher himself brandon hilton. Leave it to him to be the one to beat a dead horse.

one thing that song had going for it (original version) is atleast it was atleast it was exciting. If brandon hilton expects anyone to dance to that piece of shit rendition he needs to fire whoever makes those drowsy beats and maybe suck someones cock that atleast has  frootyloops (for those who don’t know its a REALLY cheap beat making software).  or maybe  logic pro? Now if I know that much and never used that softwear you’d think all the professionals brandon hilton works with or even his dreamland best friend lady gaga would be able to help him.

If brandon hilton really is friends with lady gaga then she must be terrible at telling her friends that btheir music sucks. I’ll be honest I didn’t expect brandon to come out and write some kind of intellectual lyrics– granted he does “write” dance music. But he could atleast do us all a favor and not bore us to death singing in autotune the same 3 lines 5 times over. maybe then people will actually see you live.

Yeah thats right I watched the video, and saw the pictures of his  “fans” firstly they didn’t seem like they had some kind of religious experiance when they came in contact with you, and secondly I’m not convinced you have more then maybe 5 or 6 fans. just like yuour lyrics I saw the same few people in a different order.

sorry brandon. music isn’t your thing. but I have to admit I envy your makeup for the fact it would look better on me…

What are your opinions on the song guys? do you even like katy perry? would you seriously dance to this pile of shit? comment below

if you are thinking of commenting “adduuuuuuuuuurrrr  you don’t know anything about music what place do you have to judge brandon rocks”   etc etc  go to my myspace and read up I’m young but I’ve worked in this industry for 6 years. I know my shit and I’m passionate about music.  most of my posts will be music related.  Thanks for reading


slammy mastic

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