None of you are from “tha hood.” 12 comments

you guys suck. a lot.

You’re all white as day. None of you are from “tha hood.” You guys would die after five minutes of being in the hood. that’s a fucking gurantee. None of you are “down for your bros.” and you all need to grow the fuckkk up. HAHA.

“young harley”
“bartlett” no link available.

good luck in the rap bizz d00ds. eat a dick.

averyARMOIRELee on @AmorHilton 19 comments


All About Dahvie Vanity. He is NOT a Rapist. 31 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This article is obviously an overly-positive “fluff piece” written 2 years ago, so I don’t think it deserves much credit; however to be fair I published it.  Creepy-looking picture, for such a nice guy.]

@SamiiLamorte: Australian Version of @AmorHilton 30 comments

Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos
Samii & Smeer La' Morte Pictures, Images and Photos

LOL! and the dude in her pics… is her boyfriend…..

“Vegan” @realAudreyKitch Wearing Leather Boots 25 comments


and she goes round in doc martins… wearing the skin of a cow is just icky

[Sticky’s note:  She also eats honey. And wears, uh, this.]

Claire Money behind fake ‘Ryan Alexander’ & ‘Tom Lewis’ fake of @JamesJumpsuit 45 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I received a bullshit complaint from Claire, demanding that I delete the Ryan Alexander post.  I told her to fuck off.  I suspect there might be some truth behind this MyDrama author’s allegation that Claire is behind the fake.]

Ok many of you have seen the post and most of you now know that Ryan Alexander is either extremely pathetic for using other people’s pictures along with his. Or just a normal pathetic ugly faker.

After I told Claire that he was fake she said to me she believed me yet later on was insisting to others he was real

Today I seen that she had a different boyfriend named ‘Tom Lewis’ I immediately recognised his face as e-famous @JamesJumpsuit

so I told her on her wall that he was fake but she kept deleting my comments and then deleted me so I messaged her this

The reason I said she just added him is because of this.

All facebookers know that if you change from single to in a relationship you send a request to your other half, you can see that he changed this before he even accepted her friend request. The time I checked he only had 41 friends. The true calling of a fake.

As you can see she has claimed to meet James Jumpsuit who lives nowhere near her. This is making me believe that she is the one that made up Ryan Alexander and is using him now to fulfill her lesbian desires as she making her friends (his ‘girlfriends’) carry out sexual acts over msn.

So I am asking everyone to report both Tom Lewis and Ryan Alexander as fakes on facebook and help this girl get a real life.

Tom Lewis Facebook

Ryan Alexander Facebook
(Yes I know it says Andrew Christopher Michael but it states on his profile he uses Chris as his name hence the myspace being ‘Chris Michael’)

@DannyWorsnop Baby Mama Drama 18 comments

“I’m going to be honest wil everyone In hope you all will help me. Alex Luciano is carrying my baby girl, and I don’t even know if she’s okay ”

Does anyone know what this is about or who this Alex Luciano is?

Real or Fake Mi2n & Bleacher Reports of Dahvie Vanity’s Arrest for Stat Rape in San Diego? 37 comments

Check this out:

Looks like the charges are real.

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