The Truth about “tdomf_e8e13” 3 comments

For awhile a bunch of people [myself included] were getting upset and annoyed by all the posts by “tdomf_e8e13”
A lot of people thought it was all the same poster, just spamming the MyDrama section with pointless shit.

Here’s the truth since I noticed some people didn’t get the memo yet:

In case the image doesn’t show up, it was answered by Sticky on his formspring:

Failpost? idgaf :]

SceneFail! @Tumblr 4 comments

I don’t care about all that “self post” stuff that you all will say, but since some of you like to troll “scene kids” this might be a good opportunity for you to get a good laugh. btw the scene isn’t dead as some of you think…it only started a few years ago and myspace and stickam both are still littered with scene kids.

This Tumblr blog is dedicated to all the kids who try to be scene but fail!
On the blog there is an E-mail address that you can send all your favorite scene fail photos to and get them put in one of the posts.

So go email some awesomely horrific photos!
If you think this is stupid or whatever idgaf so you might as well keep your negative shit to yourselves :]


WTF @GAZ!? 18 comments

Ok so browsing around myspace I add this person who I assume is just another scene girl.
I look through the photos and profile and I am appalled….
It’s a guy for one…but it’s a guy who takes pride in not only looking like a girl…but an ugly girl at that.

He goes by Gaz Obscene [naturally] OR Gio

His hair looks like he stuck his head in a microwave and then got electricuted.

What was even funnier was the “notice” he had on his profile that reads:

Lets get one thing correct,
My hair :isnt a wig,its real hair,with Exstentions
I use: got2be hairspray
I do my own hair,and makeup,im not best yet not the worst

I would’ve rather told people it was a wig to save the embarrassment.
Your opinions?

View a really stupid video of him right here:

For more laughs go to:

Yesika doesn’t own shirts :( 35 comments

Her ms name is Yesika[?]
She just turned 21
So yes once she starts legally going to bars I’m sure we’ll see a lot more pictures similar to this.

I think we should all pitch in some money and buy that bitch some clothes 😀

nice angles :)