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Today Sharolaid, the YouTube comedian we have all come to know and love, has decided to leave the internet yet again. He announced this on his Twitter account tonight, after getting his YouTube account suspended last week.

This may not come as a surprise to many StickyDrama readers, who might recall when Billy left back in January ’09 and returned from the black abyss in January 2010.

Could this time away from the internet have anything to do with the Gary Situation?

He says he will “Try again in 2 years.”
I highly doubt it.

-Shamis Michael

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Anonymous, March 30, 2010

This isn’t surprising at all. He should just give up on e-fame for good this time.

spaz, March 30, 2010

Fans are such whiny bitches! Just look at the Ultraneko fanboys who turned into rabid stalkers.

Parasailing, March 30, 2010

he needs to stop crying about not getting paid.
why doesnt he just get partnership with ads on his website?
its never not fun doing prank calls anyway.
what is his problem?
he could at least post all his millions of videos on his website.
he is inconsiderate anyways.

spaz, March 30, 2010

Making your money on Youtube isn’t such a great idea. Even if it works for a while, they can take your account off you whenever they like, and then you’re fucked.

krystin marie, March 30, 2010

who reallly gives a shit. maybe he’s gonna get a life away from the internet.

spaz, March 30, 2010

^ INORITE, but at the same time this is an internetz drama site. It’s the same as going to the Pokemon forums and telling people they’re wasting their life trying to catch em all.

zZzSarahzZz, March 30, 2010


xxrufi0xx, March 30, 2010

The guys not funny, sharolaid is lame as fuck, who cares.

LOL!, March 30, 2010

shut the fuck up, sharolaid is hilarious, get the fuck off this site if you dont think sharolaid is funny, cuz bitch i cut you and your dick will be all BURNT UP!

Anonymous, March 31, 2010

he was funny in the beginning but then shit didnt seem to go anywhere. the prank calls and public blackface shit was funny. following around black people and calling them “niggers” was just lame tho.

he was too much of a control freak anyway. i was expecting good things when i heard about his return but it was obvious after a few days it was just going to be shit

oh well

lolWUT?, March 31, 2010

I uploaded a video clip I had of oldskool Sharolaid- the one where he says “Milkduds” and he filed a copyright claim on youtube against me. I was just trying to preserve it. I thought that was a bitch move.

Captain Steve XXX, April 12, 2010

haters to the LEFT!
sharolaid was rad, that’s my opinion, fuck yours because it’s extremely irrelevant

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