Arty Bicardi 49 comments

This boys is awfully cute and looks rather young, His profile says his 20 but I’m not sure if thats true seeing how young he is! I NEED more Info on him! From what Ive figured out that Hes a singer & also might have gotten a part on the fox TV show “glee” for season 2 or 3, I dont have the facts straight yet but Please if anybody knows who he is or has hung out with him or knows him personally please let me know! It would be kind of cool if a “myspace whore” actually got famous out side of the internet and not on some cheesy production! Also I know for a FACT that he HATES Dustin Taylor Stout!

Watch Out For: DAVID OVERDOSE 16 comments

so this boy named: David Wilson (David Overdose).

you guys better watch out, this boy gets around a lot.
he’s a compulsive liar and a whore.
check his arms: aids is written all over it.

oh and if you see him try not to look at him, he might burn your eyes.

Where did Adam Heartbreak go?? 17 comments

So I used to see pics and youtube videos of adam heartbreak everywhere but hasnt posted aything new or been seen on any websites for quite some time… rumorz of him and andy sixx hanging out bur i havent seen and pics or anything… where did he gooo

adam heartbreak

Who is this? 15 comments

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I’ve seen him around, on a number of different profiles. Each of them with different names.

@adammpanda is one of the biggest liars ever 39 comments

so this guy @adammpanda

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is the most annoying, stupid prick i have ever seen on the internet.
he lies about anything he can think of. hes come up with fake eating disorders, he brags that he is ‘loaded’ but we never see any proof of it, and im not sure he is even really adopted.
he has started doing youtube videos of him singing, and personally, they make my ears bleed. he’s ugly and arrogant. he is only nice to people that he finds attractive and is generally just a shallow bitch. he just fails majorly

@AmorHilton a decent-looking model? 41 comments

no seriously, without all her horrible hideous overdone eyebrows and makeup is actually a pretty cute model.
no joke, scrub away all the caked on makeup and she doesn’t look like a clown.

as we see in these pics from when she modeled for jessica louise (guess amor didn’t get to do her own makeup or else she wouldn’t look so great)
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Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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she’s gorgeous in these pics i think.
what do you guys think? should Amor just quit trying to be so scene and start doing her makeup more so like in the pics?
I think so, she might also be taken seriously as a model and look less like a trashy cheap clown whore

but after she modeled for jessica louise she posted this picture

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sleazy to the max!
maybe amor feels that tranny brows and makeup is appealing? as well as showing off your boobs? classy? i think not :)
maybe she should just model for suicide girls but i doubt even they want her

Hair Stylist Faggot 39 comments

I came upon this guy who goes by the name “Morgan Requiem” (which he claims is his real name).

But anyhow, I came across him because I saw in a forum somewhere that he did hair for some other of those “scene” people on the internet and he seemed like a great person, but after talking with him on his AIM account I got off of his DeviantART [MorganRequiem] he isn’t what he seems.

He knows what he’s doing and is knowledgeable, but he has a great deal of self importance

His only real claim to fame would be his hair, the styles he does on other people, being the “self proclaimed #1 Dir En Grey Fan,” and having sex with different “scene” guys and girls on the internet to increase his own fame.

One of his recent hair designs:

Scene kids love their photoshop 34 comments

Dont mind her crossed eyes XD

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