@JessiiSlaughter Demonstrates How NOT to Respond to Cyberbullies 88 comments

With an astounding 300,000 views [July 18 update: 1.3 million views] on YouTube, a melodramatic video of Jessi Slaughter and her father has launched the high-pitched 11-year-old from the ranks of quotidian statutory rape allegation to one of the most popular lol-cows of 2010—to the best of StickyDrama’s knowledge surpassed only by “Gingers Have Souls” CopperCab.

Papa Slaughter’s on-camera meltdown recalls Mama Kannibal’s lulzy meltdown back in 2007, also provoked by death threats against her daughter.

Both Papa Slaughter and Mama Kannibal would do well to consider Mama Slaughter’s sagacious advice in an earlier, less-viewed video. At 1:47 until the end of the following video she can be heard saying, “It’s time to calm down … Turn the camera off.”  THAT is the best strategy when your 11-year-old child is being cyberbullied; and the very best strategy of all is not to allow your 11-year-old child to join social networking sites or have an internet connection in his or her bedroom in the first fucking place.

It is unclear as to which comments have outraged the Slaughters, but StickyDrama suspects it involves this recent Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

@BOTDFmusic Dahvie Vanity And Jessi Slaughter Explained By Jessi Slaughter Herself 137 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Don’t ask me what she means, because I have no fucking clue.  I just click publish.]

People STFU This Is A Very Private Matter And Im Dealing With It.
This Post Ruined Muh Life…
And Yes That Was Muh Status On Myspace! Cuzz I Saw A Squril Fall Out Of A Tree In Muh BakYard!
It Was Funnah To Meh!
Muh Mom Has Read This And Is Talking To Dahvie On The Fone Right Nao!
So I Would Shut Your Mouths If I Were You!
I Have Muh Life And Dahvie Has His.
We Are Just Friends!
If You Have Shit To Talk About Us Keep It In Your Little Worlds Where We Arnt! We Have More Of A Life The You Will Eva Have!
So Keep Sitin On Your Internet Dissing Us And Well Live Our Happy Little Xsiteing Lives C=
You Kno You Love Me

Keep hatin, I’M AMAZING – What Is Internet Famous? 63 comments

HAhaHAhaHAhaHAha you ANONYMOUS haters are just sooooooooo jEALOUS of me because I am able to post things on mydrama and YOUUUUU CAN’T!!! and you are all just fat and wish you had the bodyI havein my pics. and all of you down there in the comment section are just making me even more famous so keep hating and posting funny blogs about me because I’m going to ride to the top of the stickydrama fame ladder and cash in on my grand prize…….wait a minute.

I was reading my comments and I saw a username Haters make me famous — a quote I hear from everybody. I just want to clarify for all the heavyweights, the fanboys/girls who say it to defend their favorite eceleb, and of coarse the trolls of stickam — as fun as it is to watch people fight over the internet and have a random person write a “TELL ALL ” blog about you it will never make anybody famous.

people like amor hilton and ki ki kannibal are only really famous on here and stickam. If I went into school and asked people who any of them were they would be like “who the fuck is that”. haters will never make anyone famous off of the internet.

and what exactly is being internet famous? have 2874358384364 friends on myspace? youtube buzznet? all having alot of friends on any site means is that a bunch of people clicked a button. It doesn’t meanwhoever added you really knows who you are and worships and you and would give up their right shoe to meet you and hang out with you. Same goes for comments on a blog how much time is consumed by posting a comment. Not a great amount of time is being dedicated by commenting.

Even tila tequila she had her 15 seconds of fame with that reality show and now where is she? I actually watched This interview with tila after her gf died and the interviewer asked her flat out “Why do you post so many things on twitter? such personal things”. and she down right stated that she has no real friends and shes very lonely. That she has nobody to cope too. That I find sad. You have to think who wants to hang out with you if your so obsessed with your own myspace page and spend all day tricking out your shit

The othr funny thing is most people say most haters are just jealous. People hate Adolf Hitler, are they jealous of him? Maybe a very low percentage. But 99.9% arn’t. Just because someone doesn’t like you doesn’t always mean that they are jealous of you.

all the friends, comments, self posts, hate comments will ot make you or anybody else famous. I promise by 2020 nobody will know any of these people.

what do you think? Can someone really get famous off of internet stardom? Who do you think is maybe the most level headed eceleb (someone who is atleast mentioned on stickydrama semiregularly) how do you think people like jefree star or kiki do when they realize…they are not famous?! DISCUSS.

SlamRetard; You Fail. 33 comments

Let’s nip this disease in the bud.

First of all I just wanna say that I am definitely certified to call this fugly bitch out. I am an ex-sociopath myself & I even made my best friend attempt suicide once!!1!!!!!!1!!!111! Trust me, I can see Slam Mastics little plan from a mile away. 😉 Oh and I’m majoring in psychology at Ashford University.

Recently a new author has come to mydrama posting random shit trying to sound intelligent. Random GENERIC shit…that we’ve all heard 1000 times before. What makes the situation really lulzy is that this fatass mutant is trying to gain support by commenting her own posts saying shit such as “omg youre a legend!”, “youre a really good reporter, i used to love reading your stuff” ect ect ect blah blah fucking BLAH.

Slam Mastic let me give YOU a lesson:

1. If you’re going to fake comments, DO NOT use the fake names that I MYSELF used to put in. Such as ManicPaniccc… you dumb cunt.
2. If you’re going to fake comments, don’t sumbit them all a minute or two or ten apart…you dumb cunt.
3. If you’re going to fake comments, at least change your typing style…you dumb cunt.
4. If you’re going to fake comments, don’t use the same fucking fake names in all of your posts. Change it up a bit.
5. If you’re going to fake comments, at least go the extra mile & include a fake link to your fake names. Its more convincing.
6. If you’re going to fake comments, don’t pull random fake names out of your ass. Use ones that have been commenting on here for quite a while…you n00b.
7. Don’t say “i used to love reading your stuff years ago” via a fake comment to yourself…when you’re NEW to mydrama.
8. Nobody on here knows, nor gives a fuck, who you are. Stop using fake comments to convince anyone otherwise.
9. Telling yourself that you’re pretty, via your fake comments, as the first comment on your posts…will not convince us otherwise.
10. Furthermore, complimenting yourself via your fake comments might sway some of the weak minds on here not to diss you… but for the most part, no. We can all see that you’re fugly & brainless. End of story nigga.
11. I’ll give you props for not full blown self promoting yourself. You did think outside the box by trying to gain attention. You still fucking fail at life, though.
12. Last but not least, Mydrama is not your personal therapy session. We are not hear to learn about your life, & no one gives a fuck about your opinions. If you’re going to make a mydrama post please post some news/facts/ect. Fuck.

Did I miss anything? Commenters please add if I did.

P.S: Knowing what a fucking retard Brandon Hilton is I don’t want to completely rule out that Slam Mastic is actually him. All the posts have included BH so far. “Any publicity is good publicity” ~ Brandon Hilton. Your fakeass personna could just be a mechanism to destract any of us from calling you out on self posts. Brandon HAS been self promoting on here foreverrrrr.  His constant pleads to sticky to promote him are enough to prove that BH has no shame. However no, I’m NOT acusing you of that, SlamMastic. Just a very slight suspision. Now that I’ve posted this he/she will probably start posting about other topics. Okay okay I know I sound like a conspiracy theorist.

The oil rig explosion was an inside job!

@JakeFuckingWolf, you might have the most retarded tattoos ever 56 comments

I’m all for tattoos, I mean why not? But WTF kind of facial tattoos are these, dare I ask?

I Dont Know What To Say To This? 31 comments

ok so this is a picture that i found on my friends page, and i guess he knows the people but uhhhhm, Wtf….?

SO, its christmas…theres a stripper… and a little girl ??? really what the fuck is up with that? O.o

Killer Railway Re-Opens Nextdoor to StickyHouse 16 comments

It made our day to learn that Angels Flight, a landmark funicular railway in the Bunker Hill district of downtown Los Angeles, has finally re-opened. Bunker Hill is the financial district containing most of downtown LA’s modern skyscrapers, including our beloved U.S. Bank Tower where Stickam is headquartered.

The historic railway had been closed ever since early 2001, when a car broke loose, rolled down Bunker Hill and smashed into another car at the bottom, killing one man and injuring several others. Celebrating crazy stupid shit like the re-opening of a killer trolley car is just another reason why we love living in downtown LA.

The railway is located near the intersection of 4th and Hill Streets, just two blocks from StickyHouse at 5th and Spring.

The Los Angeles Times

Really Kiki? 74 comments

I would just like to comment on how Kiki and Dakota are on some insane drugs for thinking anyone would want to have that insanely disturbing art in there house, and especially for wanting to sell it for $725. I mean what the fuck are they thinking?

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