@BOTDFmusic’s New Song “You Dun Goofed” About @JessiiSlaughter 30 comments

Personally I like it. c: But that’s just me.

And another thing, I saw this:

In the comment section of the video. Wdf.

And then Dahvie’s response,



CONFIRMED: @BOTDFmusic Lead Singer Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Felony Sex Assault in Colorado 2009 16 comments

The Arapahoe County Sheriff confirmed in a telephone call with StickyDrama that Dahvie Vanity, lead singer of the popular emo band “Blood On the Dance Floor” or BOTDF, was arrested on September 13, 2009 on charges of felony sexual assault.

The above “criminal history record” is on file with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  The Sheriff was unable to provide any information besides confirming the authenticity of the above document, since the case was sealed by a court order.  Rumors that Dahvie’s alleged victim dropped charges or that the case was dismissed are impossible to confirm or refute.

StickyDrama’s determination that Dahvie was indeed arrested for sexual assault calls into question another blogger’s assertion that rumors of his statutory rape against @JessiiSlaughter are “unfounded.”


Br3ttastic on Botdf and Jessi Slaughter 13 comments

so a few months ago this kid was posted on here for some odd reason, and i decided to well, follow him. The faggot makes youtube videos, and recently one was about the Jessi Slaughter girl and Blood on the Dance Floor. He says “Dahvie seems too sweet do do that” not only is he fat and ugly, he has bad taste in music and bad judgement. On Encyclopedia Dramatica someone posted his video as a comment saying he/she was a “Typical Cult Member”

i dont get why he’s getting so many views on his video. he doens’t talk about anything, he’s boring, and irrelevant

go outside, lose weight, and get a life fatty faggot.


I think everyone knows what’s going on between Dahvie Vanity, and Jessi Slaughter. Dahvie Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe are posting stuff on twitter and making thing worse for Jessi Slaughter, a 11-year old girl that was supposably raped by Dahvie Vanity, this would be the first time that Dahvie Vanity was accused for raping a underage girl. After Jessi Slaughter’s break down video, people were making songs, which can be found on iTunes. Now there’s shirts! “You Dun Goofed” Shirts..

$20, and 11 different color’s, do you think anyone is going to buy one?

I don’t think this is going to be the last time we here about Dahvie Vanity, about him having a sexual relationship with an underage girl, what do you think?

Watevrz! Ya dun NOT goof’d! 16 comments

E-celebs r sooo over-rated! I mean, we’re talking about an 11 year old here! Sure, she’s a stuck-up snobby girl, but like, she seems really sick. I am NOT on her side, but everyone should kind of back off cuz she seems 2 really be suffering. And her parents shud REALLY take responsibility!! Why in the world were they letting her do all of this?! And as 4 Dahvie Vanity…until evrything’z been cleared up, I AM SO NOT LISTENING 2 BOTDF ANYMORE!!!!!!

@BOTDFmusic’s Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Sexual Assault; @JessiiSlaughter’s Parents Under Investigation? 83 comments

Since Sticky loves legal documents, this one is for him. Some police report on Dahvie Vanity being a sex offender?

[Sticky’s note:  LOL OMFG YES I DO LOVE THIS!  Thank you, your post is a great example of the investigative journalism that I wish all MyDrama posts demonstrated.  I’ve always given Dahvie the benefit of the doubt regarding statutory rape allegations, but this record of arrest shook my faith in his innocence.  I attempted to contact the City of Centennial so that this report can be verified, but am not sure in which state that city is located; I was on hold for several minutes with the non-emergency line for the City of Centennial, Colorado Police Department before giving up.  Any readers with more information are urged to leave whatever you know in the comments to this post.]

And Jessi Slaughter’s “You dun goof’d” pedo-stache-rocking Billy Mays of a father and irrelevant mother are under investigation by police following complaints of “concerned parents.”

As if this was not means enough to take away someone’s child…


@JayyVonMonroe & @BOTDFmusic Parody Jessi Slaughter 64 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This video is not so lulzy because of Jay and Dahvie’s performances, as because of the context.  Our readers will recall that this apparently national controversy began as a MyDrama post reporting an allegedly unlawful relationship between Dahvie and Jessi; Jessi is (or probably now WAS) a fan of BOTDF and has appeared on video wearing BOTDF merchandise. Is this video an attempt by BOTDF to gain national media exposure by inserting themselves more prominently into the controversy?  WELL DUH!  StickyDrama knows all about that game, lol.]

Sorry if you guys are tired about that Jessi Slaughter girl, but I just thought this video was hilarious.


@Botdfmusic (Dahvie Vanity) needs some Jenny Craig! 79 comments


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