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I stumbled upon BH’s facebook earlier, and saw for the first time, an actual DATE associated with his “ZOMG-GOING-TO-BE-AMAZING” EP, that he has been planning for about 9.3 decades now.
Yet… it says March. Last time I checked, this is July.

…oh wait, I just happened to see people talking about it being released on itunes today? oh god, save us all.

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NessawithanN, July 10, 2010

He has posted that this “album” was released “WORLDWIDE” several times already! Ummm Brandon?
If its on the internet..its WORLDWIDE! We are not stupid enough to believe this crap is
in Tower Records! And god help us all, it looks like ANYONE can have their music on ITunes
now! Its like MySPace! There are all KINDS of wanna-be-internet-celebs-who-think-they-can-sing
with their store bought loops and audio tunes voices on ITunes now!

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010

you people are pathetic, worldwide meaning in EVERY online store! and Best Buy coming this fall! you just dont even know, and if its so easy where is your album? atleast my music sells and its getting better! oh my, better shove a dick in your mouth, cut off your fingers and listen bitches! XO

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010

and Nessa what a useless pathetic cunt you are…. 40 years old and I’m THE most exciting this in your life.. go take care of your kids you ignorant mongoloid! xo

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010


Anonymous, July 10, 2010

Geez, he’s so defensive.

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010

not defensive at all, put your self in my shoes and deal with this IGNORANT BULLSHIT EVERYDAY and see if you dont get a little ‘over it’ after a while!

Anonymous, July 10, 2010

Brandon you lie about being in a movie, no bodies buying this crap. your ‘album’ will be just some crappy cd that collects dust. Did it occur to you that maybe people DONT want to be ‘known’ for being pathetic trying to get to the top with absolutly no talent like you?

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010

Its also funny that most idiot posts about me come from ‘Dan Writes Sins’ because his music is OH SO POPULAR and prolific! what a fucking joke!

Brandon Hilton, July 10, 2010

where have I lied about being in a fucking movie? the trailers on youtube you idiot! contact the fucking production company before you say someone is lying.. YOU DONT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT ME, only what bullshit lies these fucking mongoloids spread about me!

Anonymous, July 10, 2010

really brandon or whatever, you think you’re so cool and all, you’re whole “fan base” is actually ppl hating you. get a life stop getting angry at posts about u on some random website

lolololol, July 10, 2010

I really cannot stand him at all. Ugh.

NessawithanN, July 10, 2010

my my…I guess we hit a nerve. AH well…study break over..back to the books

AbbyNex, July 10, 2010

@BrandonHilton Just stfu everyone has caught in a lie. Your music sucks once again incase you havent gotten the message the first time. Youre crazy/delusional. I think you need to sit in a padded cell for awhile my dear. Its not every day someone goes out and claims themself as the “real queen of the internet”. Sorry my dear, Jeffree Star already took that label. :) Maybe you next hit single should be called “The Confessions of a Compulsive Liar” Seriously dude, if you make it on sticky drama every day you have some issues.

MiWildhart, July 10, 2010

@BH, just saying, but real artists with talent wouldn’t deal with ignorant bullshits. Because, you know, they’re good. And not (outwardly) self-centered like you.

taylortorment, July 10, 2010

Just sayin’, with the way the internet is today, your albums won’t sell. People will use utorrent and get your music illegally.
I read this site out of boredom, I don’t “know” you, but i know of you.
What i’ve read isn’t positive.
Maybe you should stay away from the internet for a while, and try to promote your music somewhere else.
I’m not trying to sound like a dick, but I think a break could possibly do you some good.
All you’re going to get on the internet is negative comments from all of these people who are probably just jealous of what you’ve done or what you have planned for your life. Who knows, maybe you will make it somewhere in the music business. You can’t just pick someone out and say ” NO, NO WAI ARE THEY GOING 2 MAKE IT, THEYSUK”. maybe some plans you’ve made haven’t worked out. I don’t know what i’m trying to say here. But i’m the type of person who gives everyone too many chances. And for all of your ignorant stickydrama users who are going to bash me thinking this IS bh, i’m NOT Brandon Hilton. myspace.com/yahbunsandthighs. Take your ignorance somewhere else. I rrrrreally do NOT give a FUCK what you, or anyone at that, has to say about me. kthxbai. xoxotaytorm

I have a feeling i’m going to regret posting this, lol.

Attack, July 10, 2010

I honestly think that people like Brandon Hilton don’t deserve to be famous. He isn’t really talented musically. The most he is .. is some platinum blonde gay boy who’s trying to build his self confidence off of selling crappy music. Sure, some of his fans that think that he’s ‘hawt’ will buy his music, but it’ll only last for a short period of time. Since when has ANYONE heard of these pseudo wannabe internet celebrities breaking into the Billboard Top 100 with their music? Jeffree Star’s been trying to do it for a while now and it still hasn’t happened. Sure, he has his record breaking hit on iTunes right now, but that’s only because his fanbase has been so loyal to him over the course of 5+ years of idolizing him behind computer screens on myspace.

I don’t know who Brandon is personally and I’m sure that he’s a decent guy who has friends somewhere.
But I think that him trying to create any type of music and giving it to kids is a central reason as to why this generation is so royally fucked up in the first place. If you don’t have a natural talent, then you shouldn’t be given the tools to have influence over people.

yeah, July 10, 2010

Brandon, NONE of us are claiming to be amazing artists. YOU are. And you are horrible at it!

…….., July 10, 2010

Who would want to listen to his SHITTY “music” and buy it? It sucks even with AUTOTUNE, LMFAO!

What a poor faggot, I’d feel sad for him if I were his family.

Anonymous, July 11, 2010

he already said his shitty stuff was coming out in June aswell on Paris Hiltons website. It looks like it just keeps getting pushed back and back. now it’s out in the Fall. You sure it is not going to be winter.
But Brandon I can’t wait till you release ‘Earthquake’ so we can see the legal fight between you and Lady Gaga.

Brandon Hilton, you say we only know about you by the rumours spread on this site but all the stuff posted on this site usually has print screens to back themselves up so ultimately it is you who is causing the start to all these rumours. Give up Brandon, you are going to be in so much debt after this ‘music career’

say, July 11, 2010

he doesnt have time for activities but he has time to check sticky drama every 38 seconds to talk shit to ppl who call him out on being a dbag…..

The Confessions of a Compulsive Liar, July 11, 2010


bystander, July 13, 2010

Brandon, take some meth please and just die already. You will not have an album out. Get over yourself.

Anonymous, July 16, 2010

Brandon, theres flaws in ur insults. …” dan writessins” doesn’t make claims about doing songs with lady gaga like u do?

danwritessins, July 16, 2010

LOL. Brandon, just stop. Read these comments, people are finally exploiting who you REALLY are. You’re never going to get anywhere, and you’re starting to believe your own lies. Well… we don’t. And in my defense, thank you anon. @ 8:06; my music may not be popular, but it’s something I do for FUN. Not for a PAYCHECK and PERSONAL GAIN, like you do. And you have NO ROOM to talk, since I’m not the one going around saying “OMG IM DOING MUSIC WITH LG.”

Oh… and please stop calling people mongoloids; some people in this world REALLY do suffer from downs syndrome & have to face the public with mongoloid features. They go through enough, and don’t need you (whom doesn’t know what it’s like to be in the life of a Downs Syndrome patient,) poking fun at the serious matter.

LeaxVanity, July 18, 2010

you people just don’t fucking know when to stop, do you? i honestly doubt that was even brandon commenting on this post. he doesn’t waste time on idiots like you. and even if it was, he’s being honest. you uys need to leave him be, and stop posting new shit about him. every fucking time i get on this damn site it’s something new trashing my friend. FUCK YOU ALL just go die. he didnt do SHIT to deserve this hate!!!!!!! and before ANY of you say im “brandon in disguise” fuck you bc im not. join the random group of people i have stalking my damn twitter to see when i talk to brandon. which is also ridiculous. but whatever. i’ll even post “just on stickydrama” for you retards as proof. @LeaxVanity is out.

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