StickyDrama Featured on FOX News Investigation of Cyberstalkers & Blackmailers 60 comments

StickyDrama was featured on the last Fox Investigations Tuesday broadcast here in Los Angeles.

The investigative report referenced the several StickyDrama articles pertaining to “sextortion,” or blackmailing sexual performances over webcam.  The broadcast addressed specific blackmailers and cyberstalkers such as Aussie, Sean Savvy, m0d and r0uter.

Death threats against m0d and his family members prompted FOX to disable commenting on their own post of broadcast.  Commenting is allowed here, but any threats of violence towards anyone will be deleted and the commenter’s IP banned from this site.

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Anonymous, July 15, 2010

You still don’t have to look at it.

yeah, July 15, 2010

^^ No the point is that Stone claims to be against sextortion and how wrong it is, yet he has a website which does the exact same thing. He provided an outlet for people to be exploited sexually. Yes there are other means to “sextort” someone but if you claim to be against it, then you shouldn’t support it OR allow it to be something associated with you. He only deleted the Noodz section when he found out he’d be on FOX news.

Sticky, July 16, 2010

FOX is interested in producing other segments examining “e-celebs” and bringing in StickyDrama’s more “tabloid-y” side, but the network was already running this whole “cyberstalking/sextortion” storyline and wanted to gradually weave me in through that angle.

Trust me, nobody explained more to the FOX than myself that I DO NOT CONSIDER MYSELF TO BE A HERO. In fact, “hero” is a double-entendre among cappers. To “hero” someone is really to EXPOSE another capper (usually for petty non-altruistic reason), such as when two cappers get into a fight; and most “heroes” only alert girls or boys of other cappers in order to gain their trust and eventually cap them. There’s really no such things as a pure hero.

n00dz was essentially a WordPress (and smaller scale) version of xTube. In fact, I borrowed much of the language of xTube’s TOS into n00dz’s TOS. Both services are completely lawful but unfortunately were often abused. However I never received a single complaint (with the exception of Aussie and Danny Worsnop, who sent in false complaints) that did not result in my removal of n00dz content uploaded by a third party user. Eventually I got tired of all the takedown complaints; and that frustration combined with FOX’s “hero” story thread I removed a lot of content which I could foresee raising eyebrows.

Point is, it’s gone and there’s nothing criminal or even deceitful in my actions. I told FOX that EIC also ran n00dz months ago and I’ve told them about all my sexual relationships with consenting adults whom I’ve met from social networking sites. I also publicly announced on various profiles that I’d be removing content that, while not unlawful, might be too controversial for some corporate sponsor’s liking.

Anonymous, July 16, 2010

This was interesting seeing Sticky Drama on Fox News. Hmmm I am wondering is Carb0n in any trouble or JD also? I mean if Sticky Drama is considering changing their attitude they should reveal the E-tards that exist causing bullshit drama. Sticky funny you do not consider yourself a “hero” because a internet hero is a loser and most likely a capper themselves, I have seen many claiming themselves as a Internet Hero just to cap people. Hopefully Sticky Drama can help stop this faggatory shit.

thecyberpolice, July 17, 2010


thecyberpolice, July 18, 2010


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Shane Mitschke, July 19, 2010

So, essentially Sticky, you’re selling out.

Annomyus, July 19, 2010

This girl must be mental or somethin

Sticky, July 20, 2010

@ Shane Mitschke: Essentially, yes. lol

Anonymous, July 22, 2010

chris is a cyber bully and he used people like kiki kannibal and john hock and mathew lush to get his website started. no one cared about him at all.

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