@MommaMascara aka Sarah Mascara, the ugly myspace whore 36 comments

You probably have came across this troll on myspace…

She¬†thinks shes “mature” and “intelligent” she misspells everything and not on purpose might i add. She’s pregnant by a 16 year old ‘juggalo’ kid & shes 20 years old. She has no life and no friends, except for the 12.8k friends she has on myspace. She’s on the internet 24/7 & complains that ppl stalk her. Who would stalk a boring ass troll like her? No one likes her in Bakersfield CA so she says she was born in Germany. She copies everyone and posts the most embarrasing pictures anyone can take. To make matters worse she posts numerous pictures of the same thing, usually at a slightly different angle. She applies make up like a clown and has fucked up hair.

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there were so many funny ass pics to choose from that i couldn't decide which ones to post.

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The Scene Jersey Shore @JennJennx3 @ItsJoeLo @SammiSyke @RachelMuffinNJ @VeronicaNJ @Jessie_Agape @MathewAlexandre @RanyBearNJ11 62 comments

scenenj.jpg picture by ohmyshix

The SCENE KIDS of New Jersey

JennJenn, Joe-Lo, SammiSyke, Rachel Muffin, Veronica, (BOO) Jessie Agape, Mathew Alexander, RyanBear

They dont go (GTL) Gym, Tanning, Laundry.
They go (MTM) Mall, Teasing, Make Up.

They go around bragging that their from NJ and think their so cool.
But no one cares.

DustinWHOREtaylorstout @dustinstout 31 comments

haha so i came across dustins stickam today and iv heard he thinks he can get in any girls pants. hahah so this girl her stickam is
were together he kept trying to kiss her and kept getting turned down funniest thing iv ever seen, people in his live were saying i heard your gunna get naked tonight to kat she was like whatt???
ha dustin was so pathetic enough to record to only kiss he got HAHAHA

vvv video link

better yet i looked at his comments n he asked stickydrama if he can be in their top probably trying to get on a website kissing this girl

what a loser he cant get no ass
he even go on top of her and she still turn him down can you say the next john hock

dustin your not famous get it straight haha!

his links

The things whores do for attention.. 5 comments

This morning someone linked me to an attention whore cutting her neck on webcam; but it wasn’t much of a show because she barely even cut herself, each cut was soft and short, just enough to make her bleed. There was a bunch of /b/tards in the room so I don’t know if it was real or not or if it was and they were just trying to gain views, one guy joins and says he got her information and called the police then she proceeds to say she blocked off all the doors which is pointless, I mean cops can bust doors down correct? and even windows, no clue – here’s the video you be a judge: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=VN7O53F5

James Shea, Nick Ryan, PUSS N BOOTZ (Falon), Navi (EMMA LEIGH) MikeLitoris[RE-ADD](Mitchell) and Sam Avalon 23 comments

i lurked PUSS N BOOTZ live and saw whatever about this kid named MikeLitoris having cam secks with sam avalon on tinychat and skype. They used to be friends until they found out about this which wasnt supposed to be told to anyone but a rumour said that nick ryan who was present in the tinychat told james shea and james shea told emma leigh and just completely flamed about it. showing mitchell the 13 year old boy hate by kicking him from falon’s live. He was in another live saying he regretted doing this. another rumour says that sam avalon has had sex with a bunch of guys on cam and in real life.

Biggest waste of space ever 45 comments

^ failure. of life. i wasted 8 minutes of my life.

Michael Gravois makes retarded videos 26 comments

Michael Gravois fails to impress us with his fucktardedness once again.

Please flame @:



Kiki noodz will never die 40 comments

As I was checking my daily dirty websites, I found this hilarious add on the left of my screen.


If you look at the bottom picture on this add, it’s obviously a familiar face, HAHA. Kiki, you have a bright future ahead of you :)

Kiki’s full ad

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