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A recent issue between internet crybaby Chris Crocker and Tobii Metro surfaced a couple days ago. Chris Crocker knowing that Tobii Metro was friends with his ex-bff Billie Carol invited him to a skype conversation with a couple of his “irl” friends and a few internet buddies. Chris Crocker then proceeded to carry out a conversation with Tobii about our little star Billie Carol, calling her various names.

After Chris had called her a “Tiny Toon,” a “Baby Genius”, and a “Special 14-year-old with an oversized brain” he then asked for Tobii’s Myspace page, after receiving it he then looked at his top friends and said “Tobii, I like you but I don’t like your friends, you need to stop talking to anybody and everybody.” After a few comments about some people living at StickyHouse he moved on to other subjects.

A couple days later Tobii and Chris ceased all means of communication, which brings us to the nasty encounter. Tobii, who had heard of Mimi Plastique from Chris, saw that one of his close friends Frenchie had been going into a Mimi Plastique’s Tinychat chatroom. He didn’t hesitate to go in and see what Mimi was all about ,so he saddled up and entered the Tinychat. After a couple days vacation was over.

Chris Crocker then entered the chatroom containing Mimi, several of her friends, and Tobii. He wasn’t very happy about it, then Harry and Jay The Bi God had entered the room upon Tobii’s request in all innocence. Harry continued to provoke Chris calling him a “Dirty blanket sniffing tranny” and a bunch of other derogatory words. Chris finally snapped, proceeding to get pissed off at Harry, and Tobii after he asked him a question. Screaming on microphone “You know why I don’t wanna talk to you and your CLIQUE” he continued to call Tobii and his friends the “Scum of the internet, “the lowest of the low”, “the friends with hackers clique.”

Tobii in all confusion of Chris’ anger towards him decided to leave him alone. Harry continued to poke fun at the popular cry baby while Mimi made a speech about everyone being equal, when Chris had enough he felt he needed to call Mimi herself to resolve this problem. Mimi then made ANOTHER speech on how Chris and herself could ruin their lives with a youtube video. After the long and boring Mimi talk, Harry, Tobii, and Jay were banned from Mimi’s tinychat. Tobii then proceeded to tweet about Chris’ two-faced behavior, about him making allegations, and assuming that because Tobii Metro was friends with these people he must be exactly like them.

In response to one of Harry’s tweets on September 30th Chris had this to say for himself “@yrrahetc i culd clown u clearly but i wont u must take it 2 heart when i dont like ur troublemaking frends in MY frends room.” quickly deleting the tweet in fear that people would find out about his insecurities.

xoxo, Gossip Girl.







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Anonymous, October 5, 2009

hmmm. i’m not sure what to say, since i didn’t read the post because i could not care less what chris crocker is doing or saying.


i love billie carol and tobii metro they are two beautiful young ladies

Harrrrrry, October 5, 2009

oy vey.

@mimiplastique, October 5, 2009

you people have no right posting bullshit like this . i mean come the fuck on . DOn’t you have a life ????
I would not give any faggot the satisfaction of youtubing this bullshit . thanks for the pic one of my personal favs .

Are You Serious?, October 5, 2009

Mimi’s pretty damn gorgeous imo. Billie looks like a fucking train hit her face. I’m sorry, but when it comes down to internet drama. Even Chris Crocker looks better in drag than Billie does normally. -.-

Anonymous, October 5, 2009


Diva, October 5, 2009

Mimi’s teeth look jacked the fuck up.
You can tell he’s a man.

@mimiplastique, October 5, 2009

you loser as faggot i am real down and you know what my tits are worth more than your mother is selling her stank ass pussy you fucking baboon ass loser monkey bitch . SUCK MY WHOLE NUT SACK ! THE WHOLE DAMN THING !

@mimiplastique, October 5, 2009


@foxieroxie101, October 5, 2009

Read Them Mama!(mimi)
And bitch, you wish your teeth looked as good as mimi’s.
You WISH you were her ho!
Don’t be mad because she is more of a woman than you’ll ever be! haha

Anonymous, October 5, 2009

this is hella childish. btw I LOVE mimi!!

STEVE, October 5, 2009

Worst front page post ever.

Anonymous, October 5, 2009

fail fail fail post. why the fuck is this on the front page?

kc, October 5, 2009

this makes no sense to me. and I’ve never heard of mimi? mmm maybe I’m just out of touch.

Harrrrrry, October 5, 2009

@mimiplastique i dont see how my personal disregard for chris crockers humanity gives you any reason to be making a scene. I had nothing to do with this post. keep getting fierce with your keyboard.

harrrryyy, October 5, 2009

@mimiplastique I dont see how my personal disregard for chris crockers Humanity gives you any reason to be making scenes. @replying me bulshit like i even know what, or who you are besides a chat host.

matt, October 5, 2009

why…? even for stickydrama standards, this is bad. Don’t let gossip girl write anymore, seriously she will be the death of this site.

mimiplastique, October 5, 2009

okay thanks girls this is a dumb ass front page .

latinokid, October 6, 2009

why do yall even respond to shit like this mimi and chris?? please answer that its obiviously these fuck boys or girls watever the fuck they is mad.. that yall doin yall thing and there not.. if u ask me i would laugh at the whole situation.. cause its not worth yall wild.. yall better then that mimi.. fuck what a hatter have to say.. u gotta look at this shit as a everyday sayin.. peoples gonna have sumthin to say about u your whole entire life ma.. but who gives a fuck.. laugh now let them have it later.. fuck them

Anonymous, October 6, 2009

ew that mimi thing is FUCKING disgusting!

captainstevexxx, October 6, 2009

this is a stupid post, belongs in mydrama, not the front page. who cares?

other than that mimi is a pretty lady

Diva, October 6, 2009

And Mimi some of us don’t have to implant boobs to be secure with our sexuality.
I don’t know why really any man would want to really be a woman, these trannies take the fact they can tuck their dicks and call themselves females too seriously.
Get a period, inducing yourself with female hormones doesn’t count.
And i’m starting to notice, all of these trannies have tiny dicks so they are discarded from the other males and made fun of, doesn’t mean come crawling to our gender. I have nothing against gays but trannies are another thing, and Mimi you aren’t hot shit, you are a man, with a man face, man chin, and trying to play a female with big FAKE TITIES THAT LOOK DISGUSTING.

ohnoezjerry, October 6, 2009

SELF fucking post. epic failll

jose_tron, October 6, 2009

who’s mimi?? hahahah

tampon., October 6, 2009

.slaps forehead.

this is ridiculous.

BillieCarol, October 6, 2009

whys my name in here 😐

Michael Kelso, October 6, 2009

Chris hasn’t died of aids yet?

miracles can happen :]

Frenchie C., October 6, 2009



Frenchie C., October 6, 2009



Sean, October 6, 2009

Mimi’s my gurl, sh00t.

JacksonJawbreaker, October 6, 2009

Jay the Bi God is a fucking loserrr.

Tasmia V., October 6, 2009

I Really dont know why someone would go to the lengths and destination of disturbia to post This blog but I can say I do agree. Chris crocker is a nut case and plenty of times I been in MiMi Plastiques chatroom and he tried to come for me, but like always when I read the girls with facts, like how he was just a plan gay boy until the britney thing now he is a Transsexual? a Transsexual cant be self-proclaimed and that is a FACT. A a delusional boy, who got no love and attention growing up. Look at him now, two years at it and still no network picked up his Reality so pitch!!!! Pobrecito! poor little thing.

fuhkyou, October 6, 2009

does anyone REALLY care? lets be honest with ourselves now. it’s efame. this is all fake bullshit, with fake people.

BENJAMIN Mbeing posted about, with the exceptICHAEL, October 6, 2009

Besides Mimi (who is hilarious lol) and Crocker, I don’t know any of the people in this post.

TrannyFights, October 6, 2009

and everyone knows Benjamin

MsGoreGrinder, October 7, 2009

lolol mimi wow this is online you get a life you obviously don’t have one either if you read this and got so mad.

harryyyyy, October 7, 2009

Atleast were all pretty, thats more than you can say for half of these OTHER PEOPLe on stickydrama.

Anonymous, October 11, 2009

lol tobi’s hair

Are You Serious?, October 24, 2009

Harry, you aren’t pretty. I’ve seen ” prettier ” people at my local walmart. Billie looks like a truck hit her, i’ve seen her on cam before. She really could use the plastic surgery. You shouldn’t be so full of yourself. And they are right, you are the tiny toons. Mimi for being a man previously, is VERYVERY gorgeous with plastic surgery. Reguardless of gender male and female celebs have had plenty of surgeries. Even if you want to believe they don’t, they most likely have.

harry, October 27, 2009

ooooh, so youre a frequent walmart shopper, YOU MUST BE RICH&CLASSY. oh wait, no i think thats me with money and class, so your opinions? below me.

ee, February 1, 2010

the real t: chris crocker shouldnt associate with kids that are 13 -17. period. and mimi plastique shouldnt come on here typin bullshit with her fake tits n fake acrylics. the end

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