Twitter Dispute Between @RealAudreyKitch and @jaGKson 1 comment

VERY immature argument between Audrey Kitching and Jackson Jawbreaker!

Insults like “square vagina” and “dough boy” were used.

Audrey claims she was replying with her friends because it was amusing, but that just proves the immaturity of the argument.

Jackson was no better.
He posted an update on Tumblr, bragging that he was fighting with Audrey and invited his followers to come watch.

See the immaturity for yourself:

Audrey: you really are just a scene queen; and yes you really need to grow up and cut the plagiarism bullshit.


Jackson: Simply put, just stop trying so hard to be famous.

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1 comment

spaz, April 19, 2010

As ever, I can’t make any fucking sense of that.

Although I do hope scene idiots decide to forego western medicine and cleanse the gene pool a bit.

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