@Brandon_Hilton has such good comebacks and insults, I SWEAR 30 comments

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Anonymous, May 3, 2010

Ok, go look at the past two or three pages of MyDrama…nearly all of the fucking posts are about this fucktard. He’s pathetic, mentally challenged, overly delusional, etc, etc. Shut the fuck up, we get it.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

Continue with the brandon posts!
he brings the lulz.
also, any comment with random CAPITALS is surely from him.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

These brandon posts are getting old.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

your shit doesnt stink dan? wheres what you said to him to see why he said this to you. its a 2 way street.

danwritessins, May 3, 2010

Brandon Hilton is just so easy to make fun of. He’s just a complete internet fail. Here come the fake accounts Brandon’s going to make, to stick up for himself on this post…

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

anon at 2:46 is Brandon

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

dan you’re actually kinda pathetic, I heard you were going to do music? seems like you’re nothing more than a jealous fag with a mexi-stash, or are you a mexicant? someone should deport you for being such a failure at life, all you do is hate on people better than you. Your death will be severe, i hope its caught on film! hahahaaa

danwritessins, May 3, 2010

Here’s the conversation, Anonymous, (first) I posted an event invite looking for somebody to edit vocals for me/pitch correction, and sent it to all of my friends, which just so happened, included Brandon. (next) he said “hahahahhaaaaaahahhaaaaaa you’re trying to make music now… sweet god. you’re so pathetic. get a life kid. and stop COPYING me” (third) i said: “…actually nobody even likes YOU. Forget your music. There’s a difference between having ‘haters’ when your e-famous — and “thinking” your e-famous, but only having people who hate you.” and (fourth) he said what was the origional post. I don’t get it, he thinks I’m copying him because I wanted someone to edit my vocals? okay then?

MP3 Truth Tella, May 3, 2010

one thing is for certain, BH posts are always the most read & commented on, regardless to what you think of him, he brings the views! and thats why he’ll always succeed!

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

LMFAO. Nobody really likes Brandon hilton, but we shud stop floodin sticky with all these post abt him

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

MP3 Truth Tella, we all kno ur a mule stickydrama account of brandon hilton. itz been prooved like one hundred times. so stop being the only eperson 2 stickup for urself, it’s even more sad than nobody stickin up 4u in the beginnin

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

okay brandon^^^^ youre delusional

lawlzz, May 3, 2010

“a miniscule of a second” what the hell, that was SO fucking clever

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

“and thats why he’ll always succeed!”
what? succeed at what?! he doesn’t succeed at all!

Anonymous, May 3, 2010


Mittens, May 3, 2010

Did I miss the memo where he succeeded? Cos all I see is a lot of fail.

Hailya, May 3, 2010

Obvious vent of frustration with himself.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

“I’m racking my brain even trying to spend a minuscule of a second trying to figure out why you’re even alive”

That makes NO sense.

Victoria, May 3, 2010

Minuscule is an adjective, Brandon.
Modicum? Not the best word in this situation, but at least it’s a noun.
Iota? Again, doesn’t sound too great, but for god’s sake, it’s better than that.
Minuscule of a second.
I just.
I’m astounded.
I can’t even be here anymore.

Anonymous, May 3, 2010

he succeeded at making a homemade music video, I guess. It has 4,000 views. It has a 50% approval rating.

Poor brandon, someday he will have to get a job

relates, May 3, 2010

ya everyone talks about him
cause sticky won’t let anyone write about amor doing porn. nothing else really matters, because amor doing porn is actually news. so all that’s left is kiki and brandon. kiki is boring, but brandon lies a lot which is funny even though it’s getting old. that’s why there’s so many posts about him.

Hummanahummana, May 3, 2010

Wow this is gettin old, entertaining but old

Lurkette, May 3, 2010

Does he know how babies are made? Because that’s pretty much why you’re alive. Someone should go explain it to him, the poor, stupid child.

lovefoxxx_, May 4, 2010

He’s such an angry person, and totally illiterate.

God he’s tragic.

Kari Rose, May 4, 2010

The fail whale strikes again!

jose_tron, May 4, 2010


wtf, May 4, 2010

clothing line.. fail
modeling… fail


Lisa, May 4, 2010

For god sake get over Amor doing porn, she did it and admitted it, let it go. I’m not her biggest fan or anything but jeez its not like Sticky never witheld someone’s n00dz before just for liking them.

And yes, brandon brings the lulz.

Anonymous, May 4, 2010

^ stickydrama has been wicked slow lately. there’s nothing to talk about

Gogorama, May 5, 2010

Brandon, I have a suggestion to aid you in your desperate attempt to get famous. Why don’t you instead using your fake claws to climb a fake ladder to to some fake fame. Claw that little pearly anorexic body right over Matthew Lush and into a wood chipper while it’s running. That would get you fame cover Mathew and in animal blood and wash the horrid images I had Steve Buscemi being fed to a wood chipper in ‘Fargo’. Epic win for all.

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