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Well, as you might already know, is a place where drama is born. Just recently, Lady Bebe (a girl known off, Pamela (supposedly Bebe’s sister), and their friend Ferrr have been involved in conflicts with a site called “HateScene”.

HateScene is a site who hates on innocent kids, their site is actually a tumblr ( They also run a formspring (

The central problem was that HateScene and others
accused Bebe of copying off Brookelle Mckenzie. (No one has claimed this true.) HateScene then decided to make a blog about Bebe and Pam. According to Pam, all the info is false.

As the argument went on, Pam decides to defend Bebe by going against HateScene’s theory. Pam and HateScene are intense with their witty insults. Several others, such as Ferrr, decide to go against the 26 year old anti-scene hater along with her pals “Sam”, “Peaceholder”, and others. They continue to trash the two, Bebe, Pam and Ferrr by their appearance. Especially Peaceholder, whom hated Pam for her hair and eyes.

Ferrr, the hero in all of this, was accused of being Pam himself. In all reality, I have confirmed he is indeed real.

A few nights went by, and they all decided to stay up until very late hours still arguing. Pam still fighting off Sammith (a woman in her late 30 years who stays on formspring all day), and Ferrr facing off Peaceholder (a girl that loves Brookelle Mckenzie secretly, but denies to her friend “HateScene” to stay on her good side). It was all pretty nasty, back and forth drama. (this is all happened on ladies and gentlemen)
To this day, there is still a little more bickering going on between the two sides, but we think HateScene’s side is way over theyre head because we believe Pam, Bebe,and Ferrr can win this I am just an anonymous person, writing this funny story out. I thought I’d share with you all. Why don’t you ask them yourself what exactly happened?

Their Formspring’s

Ferrr- (the hero)




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I am just getting some juicy drama out here.

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Lisa, May 30, 2010

I’ve never heard of ANY of these people

zZzSarahzZz, May 30, 2010

yeah ive never heard of any of these people except brookelle.

Boobies., May 30, 2010


Anonymous, May 30, 2010

who the fuck cares? oh, that’s right.. nobody.

never heard of any of those whores, they can all go play on the freeway for all i care.

Anonymous, May 30, 2010

ladybebe411? Lawl, so you’re talking about yourself and some other 12 year olds no one knows/cares about?

Anonymous, May 30, 2010

That shit is ridiculous.

taaylor, May 31, 2010

who the fuck are they?

Anonymous, May 31, 2010

It doesn’t even matter if nobody knows who these people are… please note the author’s username. SELF POST and complete fail.

cock-masta, June 1, 2010

listen ladybebe, self-post or not, I want you. I will break you off like no other…I promise

Jade, June 12, 2010

ROFL, I was wondering what made me so popular!
Talk about a total BACKFIRE!
I actually ended up with more fans and more people sticking up for me because of this I wondered why all of a sudden I was flooded with messages of people who disagreed with the little girls.

THE TRUTH IS, as you see from this panel:
NO ONE KNOWS WHO THE FUCK all you little kids are, nor do they care about your dribble.

Here’s the real story:
I had a tumblr, I don’t like scene kids, I posted up scene kids and actually asked questions or I showed unphotoshopped images of them, or I showed proof of people being fake. Well apparently, there are people out there that really hate having their bluff called.
EXCUSE ME, none of you are real models. Lady Bebe models for basically, whatever crappy camera she uses and gives her pictures out to random people she doesn’t even know. In fact her “sister” complained about be-friending a pedophile and aired it all over her myspace. The poor person was just doing what half of the “site people” that “they know”(mostly people who make whack “web designs” ie myspace/twitter/formspring background crap, uhhh hello anyone can copy and paste, thank you) was trying to do for them, the gleaming fake fame of fake modeling, yep, I said it F A K E M O D E L I N G. Get used to reading that. Because those are not real modeling sites, there is licensing and procedures to becoming a real model. One major one is UNLESS you are over the age of 18 YOU must have a parental consent, signed contract. OH WAIT they don’t know that because they are not real, and what is a kicker for me and makes me giggle is sites that mimic photobucket they think are modeling sites too. My tumblr wasn’t about “little kids” you idiots most the people on there were over the age of 18, but what do you know none of you research anything. I actually received so many compliments and adoration for my tumblr from anyone and everyone, let me tell you my followers are more pissed that it’s gone than I ever would be.
What’s really sad is, lying about me all over the internet, lying about me to tumblr. Having a 27 year old coach a 15 year old and tell people that I am harassing her and making her feel suicidal when I’m not and it’s more than obvious that I am not. But hey I’m so well loved that people will stand up for me while you twits still try to start drama with people that I never said anything to amazes me, on how stupid you all are and how you will never make it in the real world.

Waffles, June 12, 2010

If you’re going to try and tell a one-sided story making yourself out as the hero, at least have the decency to conceal your name, retard.

sam, June 12, 2010

Hi yeah I’m Sam, aka sammiithm, and this complete bullshit. I don’t spend all day on formspring, I actually use it on my mobile phone so I’m grocery shopping and crap like that when I’m checking it. Also check your facts dumbass, I’m 19 no where my 30’s. These people “lady bebe” and such did not use witty inslut but instead kept repeating overused garbage such as “you’re fat, ugly, and jealous”… none of those being true and yet constantly repeated, since when was that considered witty? Next time you write and article about people no one cares about, try getting some real facts.

horrordoll, June 12, 2010

I love my two friends HateScene and Sammiithm.
The poster is telling a complete one sided story and forgetting to mention that A) she’s not a real model and B) her and her “sister” are actually the ones who started all of the drama in the first place. Also, the simple fact that she would post something like this here shows how unbeliebably immature “Lady bebe” really is.

Anon, June 12, 2010

LOL, I had my follow stream filled up with all this stupid drama that no one cares about. The person who wrote this article needs a life.

Big Chuck, June 12, 2010

Drama is overrated, people need to start to grow up seriously

DanniPeaceholder, June 12, 2010

Hello, people. This Peaceholder, oh you guys might probably know me. The one who “secretly loves Brookelle Mckemzie” <—- that's funny.

Here's ALL this immature pathetic crap REALLY started. I'm just a regular formspringer on formspring who was just bored so I decided to randomly visit people's pages. I came across HateScene's page and saw that Pamela, also known as Olisykes (her formspring) was posting rude and mean things to Hatescene and talking about her, Hatescene's, sister. I saw that it was very rude. So I went to Pamela's, Olisyke's, page and told her what she wrote to Hatescene was rude and immature. Out of nowhere, Pamela started talking crap to me, so I defended myself and starting calling her names. First, she bashed on my hair so I bashed back on her about her hair. (Which I find very funny how they forgot to mention Pamela started this whole thing first with and insult.) It kept going and I told I was finished with her so she decided to send her friends on me. Out of nowhere her "sister" Ladybebe also, her formspring is (Paramore) visits my page telling em she reported my page for "bashing" on her on Hatescene's page. I informed that I didn't care whether or not my formspring was deleted. I went back to hatescene's page to see if Pamela was still talking crap to Hatescene and her friend, Sam. Turns out, she was. I also saw an anonymous person telling Hatescene that he/she thought Ladybebe was a fake Brookelle taking pictures exactly like the former scene. So I went to Paramore's page and told her, "I never done anything wrong, I never "bashed" on your page, this anonymous guy/girl posted a comment to Hatescene's page saying that you were a fake Brookelle." and she got all upset with me. She then went to her myspace and told a 27 year that Hatescene was "harrassing" her and her "sister" so the 27 year old told Ladybebe to tell formspring that we were and make up feeling suicidal and bullied, that it will be more dramatic and make them believe her. (A 27 year old coaching a 14/15 year to lie?) So, after everything was basically over, which I thought, Ferrr123 (his formspring) started to say rude insulting things to me out of nowhere, so I told him, "Whatever Pamela and Ladybebe are telling you is a complete lie." he started denying it saying he doesn't care that we should leave them alone and they were prettier than me. So I told him, "So you're on their side and believing every little dirty lie they told you because they're pretty"? And he said (shockingly surprised me) yes. So, Pamela and Ladybebe didn't give up, they started informing MORE people Hatescene, Sam, and I are still talking mess to them. (Which I find very funny because Pamela informed me that it was old and we should stop so I agreed) The 27 year woman then told Ladybebe to go on anonymous and send Hatescene, Sam and I and herself rude things to make it seem more realistic so people would believe Ladybebe. (NOTE: I have the comment she sent Ladybebe, ask for it…real proof) Hatescene is NOT "coaching" me to talk mess about anyone. I also go a myspace message saying I should leave Pamela and Ladybebe alone or he'll get more people on us to not be even more liked. I told him the story and he said that he believe Pamela she's pretty as well. I find this very funny. The truth is ours but Pamela and Ladybebe are blinding them. LOL. So after 2 days I thought it was, Pamela comes BACK to Hatescene's Sam's, and I page telling more crap and signing off to be anonymous and spam us. I startt to ignore ignore, and I find THIS posted up on internet. I AM NOT "OBSESSED" with Brookelle, I don't even KNOW HER. Thanks Liars. But I also read that Ferrr123 wrote this whole site on Pamela's page.

DanniPeaceholder, June 13, 2010

Oh and I never hated Pam for her hairs and eyes lol slap yourself. I don’t know that chick, she bashed on my hair and I bashed on her back about hers. I find it funny where they forgot to mention the first thing Pam told me when all this first started. Also, here is this pathetic website about us. You guys are going too far, we NEVER made websites about any of you guys, I don’t know where this ferr123 kid comes along. LOL. Whats so about Hatescene not liking scenes? She’s stating her matter of opinion and she’s been getting links from people on who to put up. Go on to youtube and why dont you post all those “scene haters” up on this crappy blog like you did us. P.s. who the shit is brookelle? I DON’T KNOW HER.

Anonymous, June 13, 2010

1. Bebe and Pamela are nothing but flat-out attention whores.
2. HateScene had an opinion, and she is entitled to that. So you should have just left her alone in the beginning like MATURE HUMAN BEINGS.
3. Bebe, you’re just pathetic. First off, you shouldn’t have kept this shit going. Everyone forgot about it, and it’s old news. Just because you got your thong in a knot because someone in the world doesn’t love you doesn’t mean you have to cry out for attention like a child and start a big fight. You’re also fucking stupid for putting your name when you posted this. FAIL

Anonymous, June 13, 2010

HAHA, I love how Lady Bebe makes her own fake accounts xD

Anonymous, June 14, 2010


Anonymous, June 14, 2010

Lady Bebe is a liar, she says she is Romanian when she is not
her real name is Bianca Jimenez and her dad is a friend of hers on her myspace. SHE IS A MEXICAN,
damn kid stop lying.
Bianca and Pamela are not SISTERS
Pamela is ASIAN

Anonymous, June 14, 2010

I want to strangle lady bebe and her fucking “sister”. They’re liars and idiots posting this. No one cares what you think wanna-be brookelle! stfu already.

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