@JeffreeStar vs. @YukiDamon 53 comments

Queen of the Internet,

Jeffree Star

jeffree star Pictures, Images and Photos

has threatened to tazer and have his ugly cousin Daniel Lucas kill Yuki Damon


for wanting a picture with him. Jstar and Yuki Damon have had a very love hate relationship from what we can see on Yuki and Jeffree’s facebook pages. As the drama continues to happen, both tranny’s just seem to get more and more upset with eachother. I’m excited to see where this is going ^^;



Thoughts? Discuss.

@austincarlile Responds to @stickydrama and @AmorHilton. & strange deleted twit 10 comments

I don’t know wtf he was saying in the last words of the DELETED twit, but it got saved in the twitter app of my firefox, lol

Check the deleted twit on the pic.

Click for larger image:

Click to enlarge

p.s. Amor please give us the videos and photos you said of this douchebag :).



@AttackAttackOH and @AmorHilton Both Agree: @AustinCarlile a “Scum Bag” 44 comments

Amor Hilton and Ohio-based band Attack Attack agree on this much:  Austin Carlile is a “shit bag,” a “fuck head,” and a “scum bag” who frequently cheats on his fiancée and the mother of his child.

StickyDrama noticed Attack Attack’s tweet today.  We’re not sure whether the tweet was provoked by some specific act of shit baggery on Austin’s part, or just his shit baggery in general.

We quickly recalled that we had some relevant dirt of our own on this subject.  Because Austin knows Amor IRL, and in her own words suddenly acted like a “fuck head” and a “scum bag” when she declined to sleep with him.  While Amor is hardly known for keeping her legs closed, even she drew the line at banging a dude on tour while his fiancée and child wait for him back home.  Hear it in her own words:

[kaltura-widget wid=”0_1c8p2di6″ width=”410″ height=”364″ addpermission=”3″ editpermission=”3″ /]

Austin’s been on StickyDrama’s shitlist for a while too—ever since the douchebag blocked us weeks ago on Twitter for no apparent reason.  Ruuuuuuuuude!




@Brandon_Hilton becomes even more pathetic in fight with @itsHunterbitch 40 comments


…just pathetic

@JonathanJetson and band copy @Brandon_Hilton 26 comments

Apparently BH and this JonathanJetson guy are fighting because Brandon is claiming that Jonathan and his band are copying everything that BH does. Sounds like someone is jealous, or someone is really copying him. Either way it’s stupid from both sides. I just think it’s funny that BH would actually think people copy him when doesn’t he copy everyone and lie about everything he does? Just saying. And it’s all over some background design by Andy Vanity or something.






Another Twitter Argument Between @MatthewLush & @MatthewAlexandre 29 comments

Recently i read about a twitter arguement between the E-Famous Matthew Lush & the IN-famous Matthew Alexandre. Matthew Alexandre is becoming known for his desperate ways of being internet famous, honestly he’s doing a really bad job at it. He is starting arguments and hopeless fag fights through twitter with : Lucas Brenton, Brandon Hilton, Kiki Kanninball , & now Matthew Lush one of the highest top ranked – Stickam Entertainer and myspace whore. & remeber BH & Matthew A are real “close friends”.

As i look through Matthew Alexandre’s tweets i see no replies to Matthew Lush .

So i looked through Matthew Lush’s 8000 something tweets and found this small entertaining @”s to

Matthew Alexandre .

It starts off not knowing much about it .

All It Says is “ew”. Later on i saw this tweeet from Matthew Alexandre .

I opened the link & it was this .

Matthew Lush blocked Matthew Alexandre . I found that real funny because Matthew Lush has 12,000 followers .

& had to find Matthew Alexandre to block him .

Stupid Ey ?

Well can someone tell me who started the argument ? I think it was Matthew A , but who knows .



@Brandon_Hilton’s “team” vs. @REALObsession’s team 10 comments

I saw that @BH_StreetTeam was fighting w/ @ObsessionFans the other day and found it VERRRYYYY funny. since everyone knows BH runs that shit. He asked why @REALObsession was copying him so much. Im not sticking up for them because I dont even know who they are but why the hell would someone copy a person that copies everyone else and their mom? Hes so delusional i think he actually needs mental help. I have to say anyone but BH wins on this. I tried copying screen caps but both parties deleted the tweets, didnt anyone else see this and laugh ?





@JeffreeStar And @theHannahBeth Twitter fight. 35 comments

What happened to being bffs again!
I guess this friendship will never last more then a few months.

Jeffree’s Humorous tweets

Hannah’s low blow

Seems like Hannah is a celeb fucking whore. Thats low to fuck someone else’s husband/BF whatever he is.
Dont know why Dereck( lead singer of sum 41) would fool around with hannah when his gf/wife avril lavine if fucking GORGEOUS

This same thing happened with that faggot trace cyrus also.
They will be friends in a few months.

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