Ex Of Matthew Lush Take’s Dirty Performance Offer From Chris Crocker 31 comments

Lately, the Number of Mid Teen, And Almost Middle Aged Adult Internet Celebritie’s, has grown Like Crazy, New Addition’s Like Connor Jon, Chris Crocker, Daric Rawr, Matthew Lush, Stevie Long, And Alot Of Other’s.

Connor Jon, Who happens to be the X-Bf of Vegan Self Made Celebrity Matthew Lush, Allegedly Back In April, Performed Sexual&Live For Youtube Celebrity Chris Crocker Via Msn. The Two Exchanged Promise’s Never To Spill of the Secret, but a Confirmed Source Reveal’s That Chris Crocker Paid Connor Jon A Measly $100, To Show his Sexual Body Part’s On The World Wide Video Chat, he At One Point In Time Was Involved In.

Chris Crocker’s Rep, Has Yet To Comment, But This Just Make’s Him More Strange than he Already Is.

@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Reunited? 19 comments

Aw, how nice. Not that anybody gaf.

Yet, I still find it semi-ironic that Connor seemed to wait till he was on a “talking/flirting” basis with another e-celeb (Chris Crocker); before he decided to apologize to MattLush.

Connor, you’re never going to be famous — so stop trying to catch some glitter that might fall off of Chris, just like you tried to do with Matt — before he dropped you like a bad habit.

@ChrisCrocker posts his own n00dz on Tumblr, yawn 14 comments

This is just as funny as seeing him on the iPhone Grindr App.  Aside from the fact that scene kids and “eCelebs” need to get the fuck off of Tumblr because they aren’t relevant on that site, this is embarrassing.

Anywho, here’s the link, enjoy(or vomit).


Hate Always,
Captain Steve XXX

@ChrisCrocker Doing What He Does Best. 37 comments

Whining like a bitch in front of a blanket:

Maybe he thought that returning to the style of his old videos would make him popular again.
This video makes me dislike him even more.

Even @ChrisCrocker hates @Brandon_Hilton 8 comments

Sorry if this a fail post, it’s my first time posting.

So, I follow @GarageGlamorous on twitter for his hilarious Gaga videos on youtube. Recently he complained about Brandon Hilton sending endless requests on facebook after he deleted Brandon for his ridiculous posts about him and Lady Gaga’s so called friendship. @GarageGlamorous is friends with @ChrisCrocker and Chris responded to his post saying that Brandon is also sending him numerous requests which he keeps ignoring.

I am new to mac and don’t really know how to screenshot yet, but you can see their conversations about Brandon on their twitters.


@ChrisCrocker on Sleazy iPhone App Grindr 12 comments

Many thanks to a Frowndr admin for sending StickyDrama this cute little gem, which we couldn’t resist posting right away.

Frowndr’s admin explained, “I found this profile of Chris Crocker on Grindr (iPhone application for gay men to meet and hook up), and posted it to my website.  He claims to be a top… uh huh….  On the application, its sorts users by distance, so the other user that is closest to you shows up first. It also shows you how far away someone is, so say, if you are in the same store with someone, it will show them as Zero feet away.”  StickyDrama has a Nokia, so we’ll just take his word for it.

While we’ve all seen Chris at less than his best, StickyDrama was shocked that he would use such a stubbly unwashed picture for his profile.  Since the app is designed for mobile users seeking impromptu encounters—for which the e-famous femme might not have any opportunity to shit, shower and shave—perhaps he wanted to give potential hookups a realistic idea of what they were getting themselves into (so to speak).


Who’s Top Tranny of Them All? 34 comments

These Transgendered flamboyant  she/hes have been or still are the hottest Transgendered Queen Supremes online.

The Male pink-headed Barbie doll Jeffree Star:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The blond-headed has-been Chris Crocker:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This Brunette Scene Queen Ashton Kaulitz:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Blond-headed try-hard Johnny Boy:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The Attention Seeker Geoffrey Paris:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Mirror mirror on the wall, who’s top tranny of them all
Ashton, Chris, Jeffree, Johnny, Geoffrey?
They’re our Trannylicious toys

They make us scream, they make us moan
They’re simply sexy head to toe
Trannylicious what a tease
All their bitches on their knees

Who’s Top Tranny of them All !

[poll id=”16″]

Hey @ChrisCrocker, Nobody Cares Anymore. 21 comments

Hey Chris, Nobody really cares about you anymore. Sure, you used to attract a large audience because you made semi-funny videos. Now your all serious & it shows how people just thought of you as a joke, as someone to laugh at. & also, it’s pretty funny how Jeffree’s response to Chris’ tweet was: “thank you.” Thats all. (aka stop talking to me?) Thats all I wanted to say (:

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