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No Drama Here, but this is Pretty Lulzy

Playing World of Warcraft a moment ago, as I was on my way to re-spawn I saw a sight that couldn’t help but stop and giggle about.

Seems that even in Azeroth…they don’t like Chris Crocker.

Its Moments Like this that I live for..^_^

Milk and Cookies

P.S. Fuck You </3

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Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Some serious hate on gamer girls. You probably got your ass schooled by some chick and now are sobbing over the gaping hole that she left in your ass.
Learn2Lube next time some bitch bends you over and rapes you over some game, silly boy.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Also, The lore is a big lore, if you’re an idiot and can’t follow, thats your problem. Now lets not be silly, Blizzard has let the game go to shit, but still millions of people play. IT is cartoony, the content is dumbed down (and i’m going to take a shot in the dark and say its because of all the fucking retarded Americans on US servers) they have ruined everything with hardmodes and 10 and 25 play settings for every raid instance, but dumbed down content sells, because dumb fucking americans continue to play dumbed down shit that they can’t even clear after nerfs. such scrubs. /sadface

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

@Anonymous 10:50
Major lulz. If you’re such a badass why don’t you tell me who you are or at least say all of this stuff to my face, kthnxbai.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Anon at 3:13
Please uninstall wow now.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

I love how everyone is saying “U MUSTVE GOTTEN OWND BY A GAMERGIRL” Right why would anyone care in the first place…its a fact only fat ugly chicks play online videos games so go shower and shave and get back to me

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Everquest and warhammer were around before the idea for warcraft was even out. You’re not very smart. And the lore is amazing? HAHAHAHAHA. Blizzard isn’t even paying attention to the lore. TBC isn’t even supposed to be out yet, they fucked up that lore, and the new expac makes no sense, since azeroth turned into an ugly flamehaven of shit, AFTER all the nightelvs exploded archimond, which hasn’t happened yet.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Wow you’re fucking stupid. Just shut up and go play the original Warcrafts and then you might finally understand. And it’s Deathwing that’s destroying Azeroth, stupid fuck. Did you even pay any attention? I’m sure Blizzard doesn’t really care that you don’t like it.. It still seems like you are playing the game and spending your 15 bucks a month and buying the expansions. They are making so much money, they will bring out the story line how they want to and implement it into the game however they feel necessary.

Everquest was released in 1999? That’s the worst fucking game I’ve ever played. It’s so horrible. Go back to playing it kiddie.

JacksonJawbreaker, September 1, 2009

Whoops, @Anon 4:39 is me. Was on my phone..

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

everyone hates you at school “jackson jawbreaker” why do you try to act cool online

JacksonJawbreaker, September 1, 2009

Hahaha, I actually am a very well liked person over all, and at least I’m not some dumb ass faggot who has to type insults behind the safety of his keyboard like you. Get a life you disgraceful slob<3

Honestly, I don't even think you go to school with me, but it's whatever..

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Everquest had BOARD games out in 86, the actual game was out in 96… YOU are retarded. And no, i haven’t played WoW since before Uludar. The only reason you want to say it’s horrible, because the graphics SUCK now, but there’s an everquest 2&3 now. And no, WoW gets more people, because that ADVERTISE, and you don’t need a good computer to play it, and you don’t need any skill to play. Any 6 year old could get to 80 and raid in 2 or 3 months.

They said “deathwing is back” not that he’s causing what happened to azeroth, i WENT to blizzcon, where we actually were able to play the expansion for 30 minutes, before it’s even out, and multiple workers at BCON said azeroth is turning gay because of Archimond bring destroyed, the “price azeroth has to pay for defeating th most powerful dreanei ever” Yet, WE HAVEN’T FOUGHT HIM ON WOW YET, BLIZZARD SUCKS, WOW SUCKS.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

Or, as I should say, the night elves haven’t yet.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

You’re fucking retarded… You’re bitching about WoW and saying you don’t play it yet you went to Blizzcon? Moron ahha.. Such a baddie. Kill yourself.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

obviously you’re fucking retarded. I said I QUIT AFTER ULUDAR. Blizzcon was in august, tickets were on sale in february, it is now september.

Anonymous, September 1, 2009

You’re so fucking retarded. There’s a reason eBay exists. Dumb fuck. Maybe sell your tickets to someone that actually enjoys WoW and Blizzard games. Die.

wh0reo, September 1, 2009

Im surprised to see the route the comments are going, hahahaha

Anonymous, September 2, 2009

HAHAHAHA. 11-15 year old can’t afford 200 dollar tickets, let alone parking for it. Like I said, I quit after uludar, and when was this released? Middle of august?

Anonymous, September 2, 2009


Shut the fuck up already.

Anonymous, September 2, 2009

You 😉
Because you can do it good, but i can do it better. and you can get it wet, but i can get it wetter.

Anonymous, September 2, 2009

Fucking nigger.

Anonymous, September 2, 2009


kazulk, September 2, 2009

when i said people need to grow up i ment the people who constantly insult others who play video games, a game is a damn game, just because ud rather get off with rosey palms doesnt mean ur a better person, and its sooooo childish to make fun of someone for something so minor

Anonymous, September 5, 2009

good night sweet princess

Anonymous, October 23, 2009

there is nothing wrong with playing wow and being a raider/pvper, the problem lies when you have it consume your life and let it get in the way of real life. I play wow and doing totc 10 man, working on doing hard mode. I am a full time student and looking for a part time job. they say on loading screens, everything in moderation (even world of warcraft), not hard to follow that.

Jasmine, October 26, 2009


Anonymous, March 6, 2010

you’re addon sucks :”D ,
so does horde.

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