Barbie Bullshit 30 comments

2 words. white trash? watch the video below, sex hair and that greasy face of yours really does make you internet famous huh? Drunk on stickam puts you on your typical place, your knees. ;3


Warning: Scene Bro/Abercrombie Type Model Chaser (2) 21 comments

Michelle Kimberly

One of the biggest shanks residing in ocean county (trust me i know i live here) who has fucked the likings of stephenlikewoah matt hess & shawn spencer but she will always deny it. this once stickam slut pranced around on stickam in a thong and bra hiding under a blanket. proclaiming “I’m a virgin” again and again. even though most to all knew the real truth.

A friend of mine captured this last year of her with a labtop showing off her ass in a random guys bathroom.

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not only is she the meanest vainest cunt but she will fuck some of the biggest names out there.From shitty sub genre bands which she loves to regular scene bros.

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Btw: Nice outfit.

She is nothing but high maintenance (a.k.a ugly) bad taste and horrible attitude.

Had to put her on blast.

one more thing she last stated to a friend that she could steal any boy away from sticky.

[Sticky’s note:¬† ^Oh, fuck my non-violence policy.¬† This bitch must die.]

I Need My Cake Now @prettyassliz @ihateRaquelReed @israelhilton 21 comments

Where did the days of all natural gooooooooo!

Raquel Reed (tries way too hard and looks like a hot mess tranny on a hot summer’s day without all of her makeup caked on.)

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Izzy Hilton (overly cocky narcissist!…would be nothing without all of that cake faux hipster scene kid etc)
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Elizabeth Comeaux (talentless generic model looks nothing like her photos in person overall trashy nobody)
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Photographers never step in because they want to get paid … pretty evident nowadays. sigh

@AmorHilton at it again with @JennyThompson_ 38 comments

Jenny Thompson and Amor Hilton … finally the two pathetic wannabe e-famous, trailer trash skanks are together.

Sadly we all know Jenny stalks anyone in her area she can get her hands on to get slightly more popular on the interwebz, even though she’s 24, washed out with saggy sausage nipple tits.

I guess all I can say is, her and amor’s banana tits should start their own business of food fetish porn.

Uncanny Battle: @MICHELLExoDUH vs @KatieRogersXO 26 comments

Pretty much what it comes down to between the two…who is hotter both having strikingly (my little pony) features and so forth big sweat bags etc.

Katie Rogers (Paris hilton cast off/half par re-fund gap/fame whore!)

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Michelle Kimberly (ex-stickamer/wannabe paris hilton/ lives with mommy, 20, doesn’t pay any bills!)

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i am for katie looks like a horse but can pay her own bills (contribute to society) sha sha.



@mmmKikiKannibal Twitpic Nipslip 121 comments

So I was looking at Kiki’s new pictures that she uploaded to Twitter, and lolled at the gap between her tits, when I decided to use the turn photo tool.

Am I the only one who sees her nip hanging out? STAY CLASSY KEEKZ, STAY CLASSY!

My Introduction. 62 comments


Guys my name is steffanie carney.

future scene queen!.

forget about that haggard out scene queen amor who sleeps with her best friends. or her best friend eden who thinks he’s famous by hanging out with her.

I own az.

add me.
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TarynElizabeth. 23 comments

What the fuck’s up with your leg dude.

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What’s up with the eyebrows…Just wondering..

Blonde is Gone | Forgive and Forget. | TarynElizabeth

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