Please anyone any info on this amazing girl? 10 comments

I know this isn’t the place to post this but stickyn00dz is down and I’ve been dying to figure out who this girl is for over a year now! Please any info at all…

I don’t give a fuck if it’s a failpost this girl is perfect!

Warning: Scene Bro/Abercrombie Type Model Chaser (2) 21 comments

Michelle Kimberly

One of the biggest shanks residing in ocean county (trust me i know i live here) who has fucked the likings of stephenlikewoah matt hess & shawn spencer but she will always deny it. this once stickam slut pranced around on stickam in a thong and bra hiding under a blanket. proclaiming “I’m a virgin” again and again. even though most to all knew the real truth.

A friend of mine captured this last year of her with a labtop showing off her ass in a random guys bathroom.

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not only is she the meanest vainest cunt but she will fuck some of the biggest names out there.From shitty sub genre bands which she loves to regular scene bros.

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Btw: Nice outfit.

She is nothing but high maintenance (a.k.a ugly) bad taste and horrible attitude.

Had to put her on blast.

one more thing she last stated to a friend that she could steal any boy away from sticky.

[Sticky’s note:  ^Oh, fuck my non-violence policy.  This bitch must die.]

@MommaMascara aka Sarah Mascara, the ugly myspace whore 36 comments

You probably have came across this troll on myspace…

She thinks shes “mature” and “intelligent” she misspells everything and not on purpose might i add. She’s pregnant by a 16 year old ‘juggalo’ kid & shes 20 years old. She has no life and no friends, except for the 12.8k friends she has on myspace. She’s on the internet 24/7 & complains that ppl stalk her. Who would stalk a boring ass troll like her? No one likes her in Bakersfield CA so she says she was born in Germany. She copies everyone and posts the most embarrasing pictures anyone can take. To make matters worse she posts numerous pictures of the same thing, usually at a slightly different angle. She applies make up like a clown and has fucked up hair.

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there were so many funny ass pics to choose from that i couldn't decide which ones to post.

go to:

“Carrot Video” Apryl Marie Died? 19 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Apryl Marie, who grew up near Hattysburg, MS with @ParkerTammenn and @GageArthur, is the infamous “carrot video” girl, who made that video where she puts a carrot and a whole bunch of other household objects up her vag.  I’m putting them at work to research this question, and maybe later will have a definite answer.]

I heard that Apryl Marie chick died is this true? She died today i heard.
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crystal nasty meth 26 comments

this nasty bitch thinks shes the “shit” of NC. She weighs two pounds and smokes weed like killing brain cells was her job.
SO came across nudes pretty positive they are her
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now look (hello kitty)
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and you dont look like marliyn monroe stop fucking trying
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you look more like a sloth then a girl
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maybe gucci should write a song about you name “nasty bitch”
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Links to nudes

wannabe internet porn star tries to steal boyfriends 11 comments

this internet porn girl that goes by miss revenge or royanna constantly texts my boyfriend really disgusting texts about how badly she wants to fuck him. she sends him nudes too. he never replies to her and is getting quite annoyed. she thinks she is going to steal him from me. apparently this is not the first time shes tried to steal someones boyfriend. she does internet porn for gods girls and dangerous dolls. id post her number but i dont know if thats allowed.

[Sticky’s note:  Posting numbers is not allowed, that’s encouraging harassment.]

YouTube Scandalized by, Removes Raunchy 7-Year-Olds’ Dance Routine 62 comments

A YouTube video uploaded last week has already racked up almost 2 million views—probably because it features five 7-year-old girls performing a “Single Ladies” dance routine that would make Madonna blush.

StickyDrama figured the controversy would get the video pulled from YouTube, so we screen-recorded a copy.  Go fuck yourselves, Google; click the above thumbnail to watch, dear readers.

The so-called World of Dance routine took place in the usually sleepy Los Angeles suburb of Pomona, about an hour East of StickyHouse in downtown LA.  Throughout the video, StickyDrama gasped along with the crowd, not because the girls’ dance moves were impressive (which they were, no argument there, the routine was technically skillful in our opinion) but because they’re practically clapping their pussy-lips for a live audience.

As our readers watch the video, please keep in mind these girls are 7 years old.  SEVEN.  StickyDrama would like to know whether these girls’ parents received child-rearing advice from Cathy Ostrenga, who is also known to whore out her minor daughter.

Uncanny Battle: @MICHELLExoDUH vs @KatieRogersXO 26 comments

Pretty much what it comes down to between the two…who is hotter both having strikingly (my little pony) features and so forth big sweat bags etc.

Katie Rogers (Paris hilton cast off/half par re-fund gap/fame whore!)

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Michelle Kimberly (ex-stickamer/wannabe paris hilton/ lives with mommy, 20, doesn’t pay any bills!)

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i am for katie looks like a horse but can pay her own bills (contribute to society) sha sha.



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