for those of you who don’t check sticky-n00dz 7 comments

i posted some faggot’s fap video

check that shit, enjoy his fapping/cumshot.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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i'm too lazy to write about myself right now so all i'm going to say is simply "google me betch" i'm captain steve xxx

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JacksonJawbreaker, December 25, 2009

Oh gawd, those socks xD

Alex, December 25, 2009

is this your attempt at getting back at him or something?

captainstevexxx, December 25, 2009

i don’t believe in getting even, i believe in defending my relationship and if you’re gonna send me n00dz while i have a boyfriend whom i’ve been with for 8 months you’re simply asking me to post your n00dz up online.

Anonymous, December 25, 2009

Hmmm true, but in my experience ( with pervs trying to get me to send nudes or me to send nudes ) They ask first either for your email or if you want to swap pics. Why people do this is beyond me, lol this guy is such an idiot. lol But so are you, you obviously had a part in it no matter what you say lol
sorry just my opinion, either by leading him on for a sick thrill or something. Holla!

captainstevexxx, December 25, 2009

each person is entitled to their own opinion and of course you don’t know the entire story so i’ll leave it at that because i know that i haven’t done anything wrong

Anonymous, December 30, 2009

what you did wrong was post somebody’s nudes for the world to see. you should be ashamed.

captainstevexxx, December 30, 2009

@anon 3:14, i’ll let you know when i start caring

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