See The Resemblance? 19 comments

First off, they’re both on meth, they have shitty hair and make-up, & they both have the habit of going out looking like shit and high out of their minds.

Maybe they can they can meet up in the Valley and do meth together!

Fail post, whateves.

[Sticky’s note:  This is a perfect example of when to use the “just sayin” category:  When you’re comparing or noting a similarity between an online character to an IRL person or whatever.  Use the “twins” category to compare two similar-looking online characters.  JS.]

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Anonymous, April 2, 2010

-_- Except Amy Winehouse is successful and has talent, and i love Amy i don’t even care if she does drugs, and Amor… Is just a wannabe her and will never amount to anything successful :)

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

^ amen to that. TEAM AMY !

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

I see no resemblance. Amy winehouse failed out of rehab.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

atleast amy has talent.

zeropi0, April 2, 2010

Being a beautiful woman and a good model, is talent to me. Fucktards. Only fools would be on a Junkies side.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

and amor isnt a junkie?

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

thats a really low comparison for amy winehouse…..

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

Show proof of amor smoking out of a fucking crack pipe… THEN compare her to Amy.

Relates, April 2, 2010

Wino doesn’t do meth; it’s not widely available in the UK.

Also, Wino has tremendous musical talent.

The only similarity I see here is the beehive hairdo (which, of course, is hard to miss.) I really can’t understand why anyone would decide to do that to their head.

zZzSarahzZz, April 2, 2010

im not seeing any resemblance except the hair style. im pretty sure amore is a junkie.

Anonymous, April 2, 2010

Amor’s hair looks cute like that. :)

Amor Hilton, April 3, 2010

Please, Amy could never afford the expensive couture I just bought off the rack.

Anonymous, April 3, 2010

can we stop the team business… you can smoke heroin so I s’pose that’s what amy’s dope ass was smoking I think that’s even a step above meth.

jayinyourface, April 3, 2010

They try to make me go to rehab but I go nooooo nooooo noooooo ;D

Anonymous, April 3, 2010

Heroin isn’t smoked out of a crack pipe.

Anonymous, April 4, 2010

I actually like Amor’s hair like this.

Anonymous, April 4, 2010

I’m going to have nightmares
Amor face looks like its starting to melt

Anonymous, April 5, 2010

Amor’s face is really scary

Anonymous, April 8, 2010

you people are fucking retarded. amor looks nothing like amy winehouse, EXCEPT for the hairstyle. and if she was on meth, she’d look exactly like amy, and she doesn’t. have you even seen anybody on meth? obviously not because amor looks nothing like a meth head.

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