“Carrot Video” Apryl Marie Died? 19 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Apryl Marie, who grew up near Hattysburg, MS with @ParkerTammenn and @GageArthur, is the infamous “carrot video” girl, who made that video where she puts a carrot and a whole bunch of other household objects up her vag.  I’m putting them at work to research this question, and maybe later will have a definite answer.]

I heard that Apryl Marie chick died is this true? She died today i heard.
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Anonymous, June 5, 2010

uhhh she isn’t dead… she’s my friend and i have her on facebook

Anonymous, June 5, 2010


Anonymous, June 5, 2010

Someone link that video hahaha

Anonymous, June 5, 2010


Anonymous, June 5, 2010

link that video lolol

Anonymous, June 5, 2010

She isn’t dead. She added me on facebook, and posts about wanting a boyfriend. etc etc etc. Self post fail.

aprylmarie, June 5, 2010

1 i am not dead i dont know why the hell someone would even post that. like really?
2 you spelled hattiesburg way wrong!
3 i didnt stick household itemes in my vag i dont know what the hell you were looking at.
i tried to put baby carrots, banana, and ice. none of them even fit. so you look pretty fucking stupid.
so before you think you know what you are talking about lets do research on things first.

anon, June 5, 2010

^ she put banna carrots and ice in her vag..and shes OK with a video of it online??

aprylmarie, June 5, 2010

no i am not okay with the video at fucking all.
but what can i do? seriously its been up for like 4 years.
people make mistakes. i cant cry about it every fucking day.
i have a real life, and its surely not online anymore.

saratastic, June 5, 2010

trying to make a nice v8 splash in the vag?

Mittens, June 5, 2010

Baby carrots wouldn’t fit? How small is your vagina?

Or is it scarred over from all your STD’s?

Anonymous, June 5, 2010

hahaha i saw the video FUCKING HILARIOUS
But dude you forgot the pretzel. I’m pretty sure there
was a fucking glow stick too. HAHHAHAAHA. dumb bitch.

Anonymous, June 5, 2010

Lmfaooo no wonder sean fried ran fast away from this girl. She is a stupid slut stalker CHILD.

aprylmarie, June 5, 2010

me and sean stilll hangout.
to this day! so im pretty sure he didnt run anywhere :)

aprylmarie, June 5, 2010

and you dont knowhim tooo well because thats not even his last name :)

JameDoll, June 5, 2010

This is rediculous. NONE of you know Apryl. I’m sure alot of you have made mistakes one time or another. If this happened 4 years ago, then why bring it up now? That’s old news. Grow up. Because obviously you have nothing else to talk about. Theres much better posts then this one. Lol seriously. Apryl I love you girl <3

Anonymous, June 5, 2010

Actually I know sean much better then you do. We dated for a long time. But yeah he showed me your nasty naked pictures that you sent.hahaha. I had a baby and you’re the one that looks like you are pregnant.

You fail. And you’re hideous.
Sean matthew wenzel fried.
Suck a dick fugly littly girl

Anonymous, June 5, 2010

wait wait wait…… BABY CARROTS UP THE VAG?

jamesashm0re, June 6, 2010

lol dont forget about the little glow stick thingy apryl. remember me and gage found it and you were like “yeah thats the thing from the video” LOL

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