Ex Of Matthew Lush Take’s Dirty Performance Offer From Chris Crocker 31 comments

Lately, the Number of Mid Teen, And Almost Middle Aged Adult Internet Celebritie’s, has grown Like Crazy, New Addition’s Like Connor Jon, Chris Crocker, Daric Rawr, Matthew Lush, Stevie Long, And Alot Of Other’s.

Connor Jon, Who happens to be the X-Bf of Vegan Self Made Celebrity Matthew Lush, Allegedly Back In April, Performed Sexual&Live For Youtube Celebrity Chris Crocker Via Msn. The Two Exchanged Promise’s Never To Spill of the Secret, but a Confirmed Source Reveal’s That Chris Crocker Paid Connor Jon A Measly $100, To Show his Sexual Body Part’s On The World Wide Video Chat, he At One Point In Time Was Involved In.

Chris Crocker’s Rep, Has Yet To Comment, But This Just Make’s Him More Strange than he Already Is.

@MatthewLush and @ConnorJon Reunited? 19 comments

Aw, how nice. Not that anybody gaf.

Yet, I still find it semi-ironic that Connor seemed to wait till he was on a “talking/flirting” basis with another e-celeb (Chris Crocker); before he decided to apologize to MattLush.

Connor, you’re never going to be famous — so stop trying to catch some glitter that might fall off of Chris, just like you tried to do with Matt — before he dropped you like a bad habit.

Trouble in Paradise? 42 comments

So as I was in the twitter world, I came across this little argument between Connor Jon and Matthew Lush.  (I guess this had to do with the Jeffree Star dying his dog pink thing.)


Connor Jon is making porn? 27 comments

not to sure if this is even connor but lush’s boytoy whom is underage somewhat matches this guy?


Lush Shamelessly Copies Mitchell Davis No comments

Has anyone else noticed Lush’s new video is horrible imitation of the creative and entertaining YouTube style that made Mitchell Davis so well known.

New Video:Lush Copies Davis

Example of Mitchell Davis’ style: Mitchell Davis Genius

Anyone else see the shameless resemblance also found in many of Tomy Toolshed’s new videos?

For the real stuff, subscribe to Mitchell Davis


Also, everyone knows all of Connor’s videos are horrible, and this one is no different… except that he does play a fabulous uber homo guy in this video:

connor sucks less in this one

TheCupcakeWhore 12 comments


This Lovely person is Amy She’s live in New Jersey

She Seems To think she is the hottest thing.

She starts drama with everybody.

She’s the fakest person in New Jersey.

She hates John Hock so much b of the shit you heard from other people.

She is a closet lesbo and her brother sucks dick.

She tells everybody how bad her parents are to her and they arn’t.

She needs to be sent away to a mental ward i think.

Warning:If this girl adds you on myspace or stickam don’t add bc she will just put all your business out there make you look bad and nobody needs that shit.


An Open Letter to Matthew Lush & Connor No comments

You will laugh if you watch this video.


LizLoveLust vs. GayGod 10 comments

It would seem Liz has finally found her gateway to the e-fame she so desperately craves.  After the first post about her, regarding her boyfriend, she realized that she could suddenly get people to pay attention to her after being a self-proclaimed but much ignored “internet celebrity.”  She’s done all the right things to become so: posted revealing and whorish pictures, made ‘friends’ with other e-celebs, stirred up drama among her friends, posted bulletins about how she’s being relentlessly harassed, and even made a stickam account.  However, she’s boring, lives in Minnesota, and has absolutely no appeal.  That’s why she posted on stickydrama about herself; she wants attention.

Here’s the most recent update in the ‘feud.’


This is the comment:



His points are all valid except one: she never was anything special and therefore cannot be a has-been.  She once put up a poll asking how famous people thought she was.  She got such an overwhelming response to “not famous at all” that she removed the survey after a week.  

At least there’s more real drama now, and not just a bunch of lame-ass self-promos and nudes of no one important.

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