CONFIRMED: JPMorgan Chase Bank Foreclosed on Kannibal Home 68 comments

[Sticky’s note:  We’ve  been hearing rumors of Kiki’s parents’ foreclosure for a while, but this is the first time we’ve seen visual proof.  As is our policy, we resist posting rumors without any visual evidence whatsoever, but this Court judgment satisfied us that the rumor was fact.  Kudos to this MyDrama author for using public documents to prove his or her story, this really is investigative journalism in its rawest form!  Now, we noticed this document is dated early February 2010—a few months ago.  Foreclosure is a complicated process and can take months to effect; it’s possible that the Ostrengas were able to re-finance or re-negotiate their mortgage.  Obviously, it’s mid-May and Kiki has still been webcasting from the same house as always, but this document proves that the Ostrengas definitely were and possibly might still be on the brink of losing their home.  Meanwhile, we publicly invite Kiki to come live at StickyHouse, our luxury condo in downtown Los Angeles.  We own our condo outright with no mortgage, so no risk of foreclosure here!  We unfortunately don’t have enough room for her mother Cathy, but there are plenty of homeless shelters a couple blocks East in Skid Row for her.]



Saw this in a comment elsewhere. I guess whoring the kids out didn’t work for Mr & Mrs Kannibal, seeing as their home is about to go into foreclosure. They only paid $11k out of a $260k mortgage. Ouch!


Kiki Kannibal: lonely girl 37 comments

I just stumbled upon this new video on Kiki’s youtube where she is talking about the shelter stamps etc.

I noticed her sad look, sad face, dark circles and the sound of her voice. It is pretty evident that her self esteem has decreased and she looks less healthier. This ‘vibe’ made me sad for her. Pitiful at last.

[Sticky’s note: I don’t see it, but I’ll approve it anyway.]

@ChrisCrocker Doing What He Does Best. 37 comments

Whining like a bitch in front of a blanket:

Maybe he thought that returning to the style of his old videos would make him popular again.
This video makes me dislike him even more.

@natalievans: The nobody who will steal your bf girls. 28 comments

This girl is Natalie Evans.

Earlier, I though she was a sweet innocent girl that I’ve seen on a fake myspace page passing as “Kristin Khaotic”. But in reality, I’ve done some research about this “myspace sweetheart”, and she turns out to be just another Hanna Beth. Natalie or how she prefers to be called, “Ali” Evans, is a band promoter (groupie more like it) and she hosts a TV show or so she claims. She lives in NJ (figures) and hangs out with a bunch of local bands to “help them”. “me and her dated for about a yr n god, she was such a bitch, she is bipolar as fuck i cant stand her” says one of her recent ex- bf’s. She can swear she is internet famous bt she really isn’t. The only way she will get famous is when she starts doing “STD/AIDS” commercials. She is such a bitch, I tried talking to her and all she could say was “You have a bf?” like how desperate can you be girl?

She twitters about nothing literally, she is a nobody trying to be someone, example: Mary Massacre, Brookelle Bones and all those other people trying to be famous via myspace and whoring themselves. Natalie, give up. You will not get anywhere by sucking famous people’s dicks. And to add more, this whore was ENGAGED, yes, ENGAGED. She was telling everyone about it one day in her stickam chatroom (which she never logs on anymore, unless she has a new one) who the hell would ever get married to this girl? I know I wouldn’t and so shouldn’t you. Do I feel bad for her? Honestly, yes. She needs help, she is obese and her face is horrible. Natalie, or should I say “Ali”, there is such things as surgeries to fix that huge nose of yours and that face that makes you look like a camel. Fix yourself, then take some nudes and post them up “accidentally” all over your myspace, you whore. This is a fail post but I could care less, I just wanted people to know how this bitch can be before you even talk to her, believe me, waste of time. And she claims she is a virgin…you judge that youself. STOP PHOTOSHOPPING YOURSELF THAT MUCH, god I don’t even know how you face the outside world without your photoshop. Put some clothes on whore, I love you fucking whore =]

@MatthewLush Broke & Fake 64 comments

You know, dear readers, StickyDrama has been calling Matthew Lush a two-faced stereotype for about 3 years now. But lately we’ve grown flat-out disgusted by his dancing-4-dollars gimmick.

The 20-something-year-old spamgod isn’t a spring chicken anymore. His fake marshmallow-soaked-in-honey smile isn’t able to sell as many crappy t-shirts as it did in his teens.  At least, that’s our best guess, since he recently bitched on both YouTube and Twitter (hey, why not Plurk, Matthew?) that there were only 4 dollars in his bank account.

Cry us a fucking river. A broke e-celebrity … a tragedy … such a tragedy.  And as if a broke e-celeb wasn’t rare enough, there is disturbing evidence that Lush might be a big flaming phony as well.  What are the odds of that!  Anyway Hislatestvictim, whoever the fuck she is, wrote as much on a recent formspring response:

It is unclear how Stacey here knows Lush, but her opinion of his character coincides perfectly with our own.  He’s the stereotypical faggot who gives normal cocksuckers a bad name.  PUT SOME FUCKING CLOTHES ON.

Alert the Media 20 comments

Looks like @Jakefuckingwolf is going through an “antichrist metamorphous.”

God damn it. Just shut up.

Owner of 14 comments

The owner of the site thescenekidz, recently grabbed my attention when one of the members of his site came to me about how he had bitched at her because he wouldn’t go in his tinychat. Now, being a good little gossip girl, I informed him that he would be put on my blog, because I had a blog on his site. Mainly because we all know how those sceney kids like they’re scene gossip [which is what I do, baby].

Instead of taking it like a man…Well I’ll let you see for yourself.


That’s kind of, really, unbelievably pathetic. He’d block me because I wrote something I HAD PROOF OF. So I did what any girl in that situation would do.

I made a blog based on that.  He’s fourteen years old, he’s obviously a poser and just wants to get some scene pussy. Hey, give him props for trying at least.

However, if you are scene and you want a somewhat safe environment where you can be yourself, I suggest you don’t go here for it. It’s a very slow site, and it’s not a lot of fun to be on. Especially since the owner is a bit of a dip wad.

XoXo, bitches.

Gossip Girls.

Fag Fight! @Brandon_Hilton VS. @itshunterbitch MORE DRAMA… WHO CARES?! 33 comments

I don’t know about any of you. But I’m tired of Brandon Hilton. He’s hated by the WHOLE world. This Hunter Reese kid is pretty fucking lame too. Like he pops out of nowhere promoting his music? Seriously, Get a life. OBVIOUSLY, Brandon Hilton runs his own fansite, and sent those messages. But that’s history! Now, Hunter started a sh*t storm and claims Brandon of using autotune, and that Hunter’s EP will be better, because he actually HAS talent, and doesn’t rely on autotune. Hah, what’s with these attention whores? Okay Hunter, you got your 15 seconds of fame, BYE! & Brandon will always just be an annoying attention craving slut ugly fag! So, I hope this is the last post for Brandon & Hunter for a whileeee.


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