@JessiiSlaughter Demonstrates How NOT to Respond to Cyberbullies 88 comments

With an astounding 300,000 views [July 18 update: 1.3 million views] on YouTube, a melodramatic video of Jessi Slaughter and her father has launched the high-pitched 11-year-old from the ranks of quotidian statutory rape allegation to one of the most popular lol-cows of 2010—to the best of StickyDrama’s knowledge surpassed only by “Gingers Have Souls” CopperCab.

Papa Slaughter’s on-camera meltdown recalls Mama Kannibal’s lulzy meltdown back in 2007, also provoked by death threats against her daughter.

Both Papa Slaughter and Mama Kannibal would do well to consider Mama Slaughter’s sagacious advice in an earlier, less-viewed video. At 1:47 until the end of the following video she can be heard saying, “It’s time to calm down … Turn the camera off.”  THAT is the best strategy when your 11-year-old child is being cyberbullied; and the very best strategy of all is not to allow your 11-year-old child to join social networking sites or have an internet connection in his or her bedroom in the first fucking place.

It is unclear as to which comments have outraged the Slaughters, but StickyDrama suspects it involves this recent Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

manwhore – dustin taylor stout 50 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Sorry Dustin, but we can’t resist approving a Taryn Elizabeth post.  At least we categorized you under “yummy boyz.”  AND WOW–EVA GLAM?!  I HATE THAT BITCH!!!  She kicked me from a Stickam group chat 4 years ago before I was StickyDrama, just because I wasn’t on cam.  Dumb slut.]

Dustin Taylor Stout
Here we have an asshole. Who brags about fucking girls he’s never met. He is nothing but a joke. Hes not internet famous so he needs a reality check, and fast. Hes not attractive, he tries way too hard to become the scene that has already died. Sorry dustin. Maybe next time. Let’s take a look at his three victims.

Taryn Elizabeth
This is his first victim. Claims he loved this girl and gave her everything. But when he fucked her over. He made her life a living hell. Talking down to her, making her miserable. Telling people this and that, that he didn’t fuck her. Welp he did! But if she was so fat, disgusting, and embarassing, then WHY date/fuck her? For fame?

Eva Glam
His second victim. They were good at first. But then of course Dustin was being Dustin and fucked her over too. Just like the rest of them. Another internet girl. Once again looking for fame.

Jame Doll
His third victim. Which is the most recent. Jame Doll ended things with Dustin I think 2 weeks ago. Apparently he hit her or something. And she left. Cheated on her with a girl. If this is correct. She lasted the longest. Looked like they had something going. Until, then again, dustin was being dustin. In his live on stickam he bragged about how he would fuck her once more if he could. Trashy much?

Kind of funny how these three girls live in Arkansas. And have a high friend count. Maybe he was looking for publicity? Maybe I’m wrong but this is what it looks like. He’s pathetic. Why does he brag so much? Nobody care about him, or his stupid life. Hes not going to end up anywhere so why is he trying so hard. Like I said hes not attractive so why does he act the way he does? Stop being cocky because you have no reason to. Get a real life, one away from the internet.




Trailer Trash, the trashman actually mistook you as my actual trash when they came to pick it up this morning 27 comments

So, you might know this egotistical whore as Ashlynn. She thinks having 20k+  friends on myspace makes her hot. She thinks that she can go around posting lots of photos of her nasty ass, and say she doesn’t edit her eyes, but in almost all of her pictures; her eyes look completely different. She sits online posting bulletins on myspace and journals on www.mycrib.net about how dumb, trashy, and stupid some girls/guys are. She’s about 15,16 last time I checked and she’s having sex every weekend or day it seems, with a new guy. She’s telling everyone about how grammatical, and intelligent she is. However, she then posts things about how she’s “oh so wasted and getting ‘crunk.'” But oh no, God forbid that someone would call such a whore out! Poor girl thinks that if she deletes things that people post, it’s no longer true and that no one else would ever think of her as such a thing. Honestly, give up! No one likes you, even though you think EVERYONE loves you.
You need to wake up and smell the fresh air. You need to realize you’re NOTHING special. And you’re NOT better than everyone else. You think you can get ANY guy you want. Sweetheart, every guy you ‘get’ is online. Once in a blue moon you’ve got someone in person, but then when they break up with you it’s because they’re bored of you. People only want you because you’re easy, you send nudes, and fuck anything with a pulse. Take a shower, quite dying your hair, stop editing your eyes and telling people you aren’t. You’re not fooling anyone, honey. With that awkward body, those boobs you got signed by ‘Mitch Lucker’,( That you attempt to push up), that nasty smile, those fishy looking lips and oily hair; you’re not going to get anywhere. Not to mention you’re always “wasted, crunk, high” and e.t.c. My, GOD. Get over yourself, get off the internet. NO ONE LIKES YOU. NO ONE. You’re just a s.t.d infested piece of trailer trash.
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Do you really think that’s cute? Haha hello double chin!
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“Nice” tits, and “Nice” gut that you obviously tried to suck in. Lard ass.
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Different set of eyes, again. Hahha.
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Oily hair, awkward body. LOL.
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And you say you hate “scene girls”.
I think it’s because you could never actually be one. You’re just a wannabe scene girl. Lawl.
Quit dying your hair, you’re going to be BALD by the time you turn 20.

You make me laugh. LOL.

@itsmattyy doesn’t like dick, eh? 30 comments

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Oh, and about thisVV

lol you can’t call me a faggot, when you’re the one who’s the fag sucking face with some immigrant tranny.

And no matty, i wont call you extra cute, and fap to your pics, sorry.

Does anyone remember Robin? 15 comments

Hosted by Stickam.com
You know that fat white trash chick who everyone thinks has downs? Yeah well, I got a friend request on stickam so I clicked on the guy’s profile to see that he was live and guess what I found in his live? see for yourself…


I watched her videos and had a good laugh. enjoy fgts.

hate always,

captain steve xxx


This is Justin.  He is high class and extremely healthy. He likes long walks on the beach, going to church, and helping the homeless.  He has the perfect life (:



Time to wake up.

Heres the truth:

He lives in his shitty crack-shack house in Mississippi. He has to be the biggest FAGGOT NYMPHOMANIAC I have ever met. I have seen him sucking off a dude in a bathroom stall in New Orleans, Gay Parade Party.  He is always on some kind of drug, and always fucked up. He fucks anything, and anyone. He is ADDICTED to METH and COKE, and a few other drugs. Best thing is, he doesn’t pay for his drugs, he exchanges them for his STD-loosened asshole.

So if you want a guy whose asshole is really loose, hit him up :)

[seriously, he can probably jump off a house and make a parachute with his asshole]

I actually think he has to be the most PATHETIC person on the face of this earth.

His fetishes include: wearing heels while being fucked, getting double-teamed, fisting his asshole, and letting people piss on him.

[an ex boyfriend who dated him told me that Justin asked if he would piss on his face]

…really classy Justin.

He tries to create clothes like “Lady Gaga” which, I will inform you, are the shittiest put together clothes I’ve ever seen. He thinks he’s famous that and everyone is jealous of him. LOL. He’s the biggest shit-talker, but more of a LITTLE BITCH who won’t face anyone and tell them to their face what he really thinks. He talks shit about me all the time to people, but when I told him I would gladly kick his ass, he asked if we could put all this behind us and be friends. LOL. Every time he sees me, he turns the other way and walks off, because he knows I’ll throw another ash tray at the back of his head.


Oh he tells people he is a model.

What you think?

Classy or Trashy?


Male Model Nick Snider Arrested, Tells Cops “I’ll Suck Your Dick and Balls If You Let Me Go” 30 comments

Male model Nick Snider was arrested February 1 on charges of public drunkenness and disorderly conduct in Batesville, Arkansas.  While en route to jail he told his arresting officer Deputy Brian Luetschwager,  “I’ll suck your dick and balls, if you let me go.”  Rather than accept the blowjob, Deputy Luetschwager issued Snider another citation for “attempt to influence a public servant.”

While not very big on Stickam, Mr. Snider is quite a successful male model.  He was featured in a Prada campaign and as recently as last month was in Paris for the Yves Saint Laurent fashion show.


Call us crazy, but somehow StickyDrama doesn’t think it’s smart to offer a gay blowjob to anybody in Arkansas—except, of course, to Ian Nicholas. We’d totally gargle that hicksauce.

i remember someone mentioning this betch the other day 24 comments


enjoy betches.

hate always,

captain steve xxx

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