CONFIRMED: @BOTDFmusic Lead Singer Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Felony Sex Assault in Colorado 2009 16 comments

The Arapahoe County Sheriff confirmed in a telephone call with StickyDrama that Dahvie Vanity, lead singer of the popular emo band “Blood On the Dance Floor” or BOTDF, was arrested on September 13, 2009 on charges of felony sexual assault.

The above “criminal history record” is on file with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  The Sheriff was unable to provide any information besides confirming the authenticity of the above document, since the case was sealed by a court order.  Rumors that Dahvie’s alleged victim dropped charges or that the case was dismissed are impossible to confirm or refute.

StickyDrama’s determination that Dahvie was indeed arrested for sexual assault calls into question another blogger’s assertion that rumors of his statutory rape against @JessiiSlaughter are “unfounded.”

Mydrama poster MurderXxX trying to be the next @JessiiSlaughter??? 14 comments

Ok, so I hope everyone read a previous post by MurderXxX. She claims that she is 14 and made out with Dahvie and “other things” at a concert that was somewhere, but we don’t know where. Well, the silly girl put her twitter as her website. So I clicked the link and was reading some of her tweets when I found this one. (the highlighted one below)

muderXxX twitter

So, then I saw the link on her twitter to her myspace. Which her pictures are private but, her “about me” isn’t. Thats where she so bravely posted her phone number for the world to see. ( I blocked it out and her myspace url just because I’m sure sticky won’t post it and I wouldn’t want him too.

muderXxX myspace

I’m only assuming by her posting on mydrama that she was raped and giving her twitter as her website (where she clearly admitted she lied in her mydrama post by saying she raped BOTDF and not the other way around) that she really wants to be the next Jessi Slaughter and have people harass her as well. Whats next a youtube video??? Well, Betsy just remember “Consequences will never be the same!!!”

Dahvie Vanity can’t keep it in his pants. 36 comments

[Sticky’s note:  I recently approved one bullshit post that was ridiculously praising of Dahvie, and now I’m approving this post, which is ridiculously smearing Dahvie.  Where was this concert, exactly which sort of “other things happened,” and the end about his being a hairy beast “with a 3 inch dick” is just too juvenile to take seriously.  Oh and an embedded picture or video would have been fucking nice too.  I’m not going to approve any more posts on this matter unless they contain SUBSTANTIVE evidence or eye-witness accounts, because the lies are getting out of hand.]

about a year ago i attended a blood on the dance floor concert. when it was over they stayed behind to hang out and take pictures with their fans. i over heard dahvie flirting with a lot of the girls, i though he was just being nice. then me and my friend took pictures with them and dahvie said he liked my hair.. i about died. a few minutes later he cornered me outside and we made out and then other things happened.. me being the typical 14 year old girl thought it was awesome and rebellious. npw i realize i was a stupid idiot and im lucky i didnt end up with syphilis and an unplanned pregnancy. oh and p.s. hes a hairy beast with a 3 inch dick.

All About Dahvie Vanity. He is NOT a Rapist. 31 comments

[Sticky’s note:  This article is obviously an overly-positive “fluff piece” written 2 years ago, so I don’t think it deserves much credit; however to be fair I published it.  Creepy-looking picture, for such a nice guy.]

Real or Fake Mi2n & Bleacher Reports of Dahvie Vanity’s Arrest for Stat Rape in San Diego? 37 comments

Check this out:

Looks like the charges are real.

Chen-Chan: 4Chan Takes Aim at Gawker Writer @AdrianChen 22 comments

@AdrianChen, a Gawker writer who picked up the MyDrama post alleging an illicit relationship between 11-year-old @JessiiSlaughter and 25-year-old Dahvie Vanity of emo band @BOTDFmusic, reported today that Jessi is under police protection, that Child Protection Services is monitoring the family, and that a court has ordered Jessi not to use a computer for three days.

It is unclear whether Chen is aware that Dahvie was arrested in 2009 in Colorado on charges of sexual assault. It is also unclear at the present time whether Dahvie’s accuser recanted, whether the authorities declined to prosecute, whether the case went to trial or whether the charges were dismissed when Dahvie appeared before a judge.  All of the aforementioned theories abound in the comments to dozens of MyDrama posts reporting hitherto baseless allegations of statutory rape against the popular emo lead singer @BOTDFmusic.  When StickyDrama made a phonecall to the Centennial Police Department over the weekend in order to verify that the report was valid, the Police Department’s operator told us that information is kept with the Arapaho County’s Sheriff’s Office of Records, which is closed until Monday.

But it is Chen’s critical stance towards 4Chan (otherwise known as /b/) and Tumblr trolls that has had the unsurprising side-effect of drawing the ire of 4Chan and Tumblr trolls.  And the consequences might NEVER be the same.

“FOX hates it when we do a story on Anonymous or the Chans,” one of StickyDrama’s contacts at FOX News Investigations told us.  “They DOS the server and deface the websites and call our offices for days.  It’s harmless but a major hassle that they don’t want to deal with.”  For our part, StickyDrama would sooner take on a Japanese billionaire with mob connections than the Chans.  Even NYC’s Village Voice chimed in the fray, opining that Chen is must be looking for trouble.

Trolls intent on making making a mockery of Chen will probably jizz their nuts dry extracting still frames from videos uploaded to his Vimeo. And Chen’s surname seems ripe for another Chin-Chan spin-off:  Chen-Chan anyone?

Jessi still says she had sex with Dahvie 42 comments

It seems Jessi hasn’t learned to stay the fuck off the interwebs.

For god’s sake! 13 comments

Move on from Dahvey whatever…Why has he got the exact same tattoos as Oli Sykes? What’s next Dahvey gets a high five on his hand? As much as I want to distance any association between the two it needs to be said that if teenagers need to lust over someone with a rose neck tattoo, stick to this guy.

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