Gage Arthur, @Madiileigh’s Kidnapper, a Fugitive in Arizona 56 comments

Popular Myspace entertainer Gage Arthur appears to have absconded, a violation of the terms of his probation pertaining to his arrest for kidnapping a minor.

Back in September 2009, a MyDrama author enquired why GageArthur might have been going to prison.

StickyDrama has learned the reason.  Longtime readers will recall Madi, who dated Stickam rapist John Hock just after he and @AmorHilton broke up.  At the time, Madi was in fact 13 or 14 years old.

After Hock, she began dating Gage in Austin, Texas.

Everything was hunky-stat-rape-dory, until the police pulled over Gage and Madi for a routine traffic check.  It turns out that Madi’s mother had reported her as missing:  Gage was arrested and charged with kidnapping a minor.  He did some time in a Texas jail, then was released into the custody of his family in Mississippi.  From there, he received permission to relocate to Los Angeles, provided he pay his probation fines and keep contact with his probation officer.

With his mother paying for his fines, Gage’s only responsibility was to call his probation officer once a month.  But even that proved too heavy a burden for Gage, who apparently ceased all attempts to comply with the terms of his probation sometime in 2009.  During his time in Los Angeles, he is known to have had intimate relationships with at least one minor, an act unlawful intercourse in California and probably a violation of the terms of his Texas probation as well.

On his now-deleted Twitter account,@GageArthur, he tweeted that was moving to Arizona.  His last known address is @Ayeraerae’s apartment at Westside Condominiums in Winnetka, a crappy part of the Valley (and definitely not the Westside).

Since Gage did receive permission to relocate to Los Angeles, his probation status is known only to the LA Sheriff.  Citing pesky California privacy laws, the Sheriff declined to address Gage’s status to StickyDrama.  Nevertheless, online chatter from various sources indicates that he is indeed a fugitive.

@gagearthur & @danielledevore druggies? 6 comments

I couldn’t see her page to see how she responded, but judging by the tweets after she didn’t deny it.

@Johnathonhock Defense Files Motion for Release; StickyDrama, @DanielleDevore & @AmorHilton Send Affidavits to Prosecutor 88 comments

John Hock’s defense attorney Bruce Blumberg filed a motion on August 26, petitioning the Maricopa County Superior Court to release Hock from jail.  The motion is merely asking that Hock be released pending trial; it is not asking for the charges to be dismissed.  Under Arizona law, suspects awaiting trial for sex crimes can be held in jail without bail “when the proof is evident or the presumption great.”  


Readers can download the complete motion here.


The crux of Mr. Blumberg’s argument is that the video recording StickyDrama gave to Phoenix police does not depict the crime of sexual assault.  At least not under Arizona law.  Apparently, in the great State of Arizona, the fact that Hock “merely showed a peek of her mons vermis”—which is to say he flashed an unconscious girl’s pussy to a roomful of hundreds of strangers—is not a sexual assault.  Nopers!  Mr. Blumberg argues that since “no penetration of any sort” was shown on-camera, no penetration occurred  off-camera either.  And shame on us for presuming that when Hock dragged the unconscious girl’s inert body off-camera right after he exposed her vagina, he did anything inappropriate.


Aside from his legal arguments, Mr. Blumberg makes several outright mistakes regarding how Stickam’s live streaming service works.  Those mistakes prompted StickyDrama to send the prosecution our corrections (plus a little lagniappe about Hock’s close relationship with Stickam and some of its employees) in the form of an affidavit, which has the weight of sworn testimony in court.  We also included affidavits from Danielle Alexandria and Amor HIlton, both of whom had intimate relationships with Hock, and whose testimony might prove useful to one or both sides in the trial.


Because Stickam will not allow us to display their logo, and our web host will not allow us to display their messages to us regarding Hock’s warrant, we have blurred out some of the evidence in this post.  We also blurred out some personal information belonging to the witnesses, out of common-sense privacy.  Beyond that, the evidence below was faxed to the Maricopa County Attorney’s office late this afternoon.




STUPID MANWHORE in private stickam live with stupid danielle alexandria. 16 comments

everyone knows he did it, but he still denies it in front of me. he was really sweet and i liked him a lot until this bullshit.

my friend got in there with him, and has pictures. but he’s sixteen so i can’t post his dick anywhere without getting into trouble.

go harass him:



– love, ALICIA.

Danielle Montana 20 comments


Look familiar? That’s right, here we have our little miss Danielle Alexandria, a.k.a. Miss.John Hock, guest starring on Hannah Montana. Cute Danielle. Ain’t it funny how the “sc3n3” can change someone?

00:30-00:50 Look’s like she was Jackson’s lady before she was Miss.Hock

Wuttt??? 27 comments


Hock To Tx. New Flavor Of The Day. No comments


Just so happens that this new girl of Mr. Hocks, is quite the sleeze ball herself. Her name is Ericka, and has had the likes of Corey Texas’s beat up cock, and from an old roommate of this trash whore, she would bring home a band member every night for a new experience. 

Only seems quite appropriate that two knuckle fucks such as these two would pair up, but apparently after speaking with Ericka, “John and I are very serious about this relationship, and will be together for a long time”

Now if a “long time”, has had a new definition, I don’t remember 48 hours being considered a “long time”


But as always, Mr. Hock continues to impress, and will do such on a daily. 


So in response, I would like to know, what do you stickam users, believe to be the estimated “long time” for this relationshit to last.


Btw. Ran acrossed a funny video. Take a peak.

JUst an LOL No comments

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