@JessiiSlaughter Demonstrates How NOT to Respond to Cyberbullies 88 comments

With an astounding 300,000 views [July 18 update: 1.3 million views] on YouTube, a melodramatic video of Jessi Slaughter and her father has launched the high-pitched 11-year-old from the ranks of quotidian statutory rape allegation to one of the most popular lol-cows of 2010—to the best of StickyDrama’s knowledge surpassed only by “Gingers Have Souls” CopperCab.

Papa Slaughter’s on-camera meltdown recalls Mama Kannibal’s lulzy meltdown back in 2007, also provoked by death threats against her daughter.

Both Papa Slaughter and Mama Kannibal would do well to consider Mama Slaughter’s sagacious advice in an earlier, less-viewed video. At 1:47 until the end of the following video she can be heard saying, “It’s time to calm down … Turn the camera off.”  THAT is the best strategy when your 11-year-old child is being cyberbullied; and the very best strategy of all is not to allow your 11-year-old child to join social networking sites or have an internet connection in his or her bedroom in the first fucking place.

It is unclear as to which comments have outraged the Slaughters, but StickyDrama suspects it involves this recent Encyclopedia Dramatica entry.

@JeffreeStar vs. @YukiDamon 53 comments

Queen of the Internet,

Jeffree Star

jeffree star Pictures, Images and Photos

has threatened to tazer and have his ugly cousin Daniel Lucas kill Yuki Damon


for wanting a picture with him. Jstar and Yuki Damon have had a very love hate relationship from what we can see on Yuki and Jeffree’s facebook pages. As the drama continues to happen, both tranny’s just seem to get more and more upset with eachother. I’m excited to see where this is going ^^;



Thoughts? Discuss.

@AustinCarlile FAIL 31 comments

watch Lush fake cry and beg for attention 55 comments

“i already know im going to get killed. someone is going to shoot me”

WTF is this BS. Stickam trying to shut down SD… 18 comments

I was just talking with Sticky online & while having a conversation about how i was nearly shot 3 nights ago, he all of a sudden bursts out with:

“Stickam is trying to shut down my website because of all the media attention from the Hock Rape”

So for those of you who have been wondering WHY Stickydrama keeps changing up the website; that is why. It seems as if Stickam’s most recent goal is to shut down Stickydrama.com (probably so they can get all the media attention, but I’m not 100% sure).

Either way, STICKYDRAMA CANNOT GO DOWN.This shit is most of my entertainment when I’m online as I’m sure it is for many of you as well.  This might be a FAILLLL POST but IDGAF. I saw a post earlier asking about the n00dz section. So hopefully this will clear some shit up?

I know I’d be pissed if Stickydrama got shut down.



Leo Laporte’s “Overly Positive” Palm Pre Review Provokes Expletives and Death Threats 14 comments


Leo Laporte, Stickam’s highest-ranked yet most boring Entertainer, finally did something worth posting on the Internet’s gossip site of record.


Yesterday on the Gillmor Gang—a techie discussion group of sorts—Mr. Laporte blew up at TechCrunch blogger Michael Arrington.  At issue was Arrington’s accusation that Laporte gave the Palm Pre an “overly positive” review because he received the device as a free, permanent gift which he kept for himself.  Arrington claims that the proper procedure would have been for Laporte to return the device after reviewing it.  Arrington flat-out called Laporte’s cozy relationship with Palm a “financial conflict of interest.”  That charge elicited an unprofessional explosion of expletives from Laporte, including the Queen Mother of Cussin’, the F word.

Later, when Laporte had regained his composure, he clarified his position:  “I’ve worked for 30 years to prove my integrity. Mike’s insinuation that I was somehow “on the take” with Palm was about the worst insult you can offer any technology journalist.”  However he did apologize (it is unclear whether the apology was directed to Mike or to Leo’s fans) and added, “I’m embarrassed by my overreaction.”

However, the rapprochement did nothing to mollify Laporte’s outraged fans, who swamped Arrington’s own blog with death threats.  Arrington deleted most of them, but left up this one:

Eventually, the harassment became so bad that Arrington felt it necessary to disallow further comments on his blog.  Frankly, Michael, if you think THAT’s rough, you wouldn’t survive 5 minutes on StickyDrama.  




response to danis video (watch hers, then youll actually understand this.) LOL

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