Brokencyde Arrested in New Mexico (Possibly False) 25 comments

[Sticky’s note:¬† Other sites are reporting that the arrest was a fake news story.]

Well kids, its about time this happened. Earlier today on the popular music and news site (Ultimate-Guitar), it was reported that Brokencyde was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Charges include: Possession of illegal substances, Child Pornography, and Rape. We all know how much Sticky enjoys seeing original documents, so here’s the article:

Now that we have established Brokencyde is in custody. This is a tabloid site, not a “Come here and stick up for Brokencyde” site, so we don’t need any posts sticking up for them. So for all of you who feel the need to do so, please re-direct your attention to the article and cry me a river.

<3 Fetish

@aritweets Not-So-Secret Drug Deals 35 comments

While perusing the bulletins late at night, I stumbled across this.

Really Ari?
I don’t understand how someone can be that dumb.
Lol no one wants to know about your “urinary tract infection”, even if it is fake.

@JeffreeStar Does Drugs? 29 comments

So Jeffree tweeted last night that he was high:

Of course he could be lying or being overly dramatic … or he could actually be on drugs. I’m guessing coke considering how skinny he is … maybe he’ll share with Dahvie?

Fail Self Cap 12 comments

Remember when your getting high on stickam and fapping not to hit the record button lolz.

About 12 min in first video link below.

CarrieCouture: Biggest fake you will ever know 29 comments

So this is Carrie

At first she was a Sc3n3 k!d
her “scene name” was

Than she tried being a girly girl
which didn’t work out for her
so she tried something new

Then she went to a “punk”
really who goes from scene to punk?
of course only a fake

Than tried to be a skater
but since EVERYONE constantly talks down to her
she gave up

Now shes a “pot head”
i don’t care about pot heads
but when you CONSTANTLY brag about it
it just shows your TRYING to be “cool”

Now she’s trying to be a artist/graffiti writer
to me shes a disgrace to all writers now
and giving them all bad names
she calls all the real artist, toys.
but really shes the biggest one

now shes trying to fit in with em all
listening to rap and talking all ghetto
she trys to make her self look hard
but has only been in ONE fight her whole life!

Her formspring is:
She had a shit load of shit talking on there but she deleted it all.

For some LULZ and giggles @thehannabeth @alainabeaton 2 comments


Get High Till Ya Die. 20 comments

This is Elizabeth Comeaux compulsive liar/slut/druggie/flake/ex raver/generic model (mediocre)/wannabe celebrity.

she will blow your dick like a fattie!.

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

saggy boobs are a most.

model mayhem:

myspace 1 & 2


Spanky/DotDotCurve Is a Dumb Piece of Trailer Trash 11 comments

Hey It’s Rex
Excuse the quality of my post as it is my first!
so forever ago I was looking for a back pack and as I browsed through my myspace bulletins I discovered Dot Dot Curve had stuff left over from tour and he was selling Ipods, Iphones, Shirts, and Bags

When I heard bags I excitedly thought “Oh, Sweet a Dot Dot Curve back pack that would be so cool! I’ma buy!”

So I inquired as to how I could purchase a bag and then we started talking

Wigga Please

And Then I started to get paranoid I was being Scammed
Broke Pot Head Wigger PROOF
In the end I never got my fucking bag and Spanky prolly used my money to buy more hair bleach and blow
I learned my lesson, imagine if I would have bough an iPhone for ninety dollars!
Dear Spanky quit copying brokencyde & Hollywood undead stop smoking and wash your hair

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