Brian Silva, #GRATATA Vine Star And Gay Porn Star, Arrested For Abduction 1 comment

Brian Silva was arrested this past weekend for abduction and being a felon in possession of a firearm.


Silva is known for being a wannabe rapper whose catchphrase “gratata” set Vine on fire:

Nobody was too surprised when word got out that Silva had also performed in gay porn. (He had the tendency to mention his “big dick” a lot.)


FYI, Brian: Gay porn and gangsta rap don’t mix.

@bslatz Brookiecakes Arrested in Hollyhood for Felony Vandalism 28 comments

Brookiecakes, the LA scene-slut whom everybody either loves to hate or hates to love, has been arrested—again—for one count of felony vandalism.

Facts are still trickling in, but the arrest appears to involve a prior incident in which Brookie smashed Barbie Thierjung’s rear windshield with a baseball bat.  For that, Barbie apparently obtained a restraining order against Brookie.

Whereas LAPD is known for not giving two shits about any crime whatsoever unless there’s a dead body, violating a restraining order is a no-no.  Brookie is presently being held at the Hollywood Division jail; her bail, which she has not posted, is $20,000.

There’s no reason for this above picture, but we think it’s funny regardless.  Anyway, this is Brookie’s second arrest this year.  She was arrested earlier in March for an undetermined misdemeanor for which the bail was $60,000.

It is unclear at this time whether the two cases are related.  In any event, the moral of the story is:  Do not fuck with Brookie, especially if there’s a baseball bat lying around.

CONFIRMED: @BOTDFmusic Lead Singer Dahvie Vanity Arrested for Felony Sex Assault in Colorado 2009 16 comments

The Arapahoe County Sheriff confirmed in a telephone call with StickyDrama that Dahvie Vanity, lead singer of the popular emo band “Blood On the Dance Floor” or BOTDF, was arrested on September 13, 2009 on charges of felony sexual assault.

The above “criminal history record” is on file with the Colorado Bureau of Investigations.  The Sheriff was unable to provide any information besides confirming the authenticity of the above document, since the case was sealed by a court order.  Rumors that Dahvie’s alleged victim dropped charges or that the case was dismissed are impossible to confirm or refute.

StickyDrama’s determination that Dahvie was indeed arrested for sexual assault calls into question another blogger’s assertion that rumors of his statutory rape against @JessiiSlaughter are “unfounded.”

Brokencyde Arrested in New Mexico (Possibly False) 25 comments

[Sticky’s note:  Other sites are reporting that the arrest was a fake news story.]

Well kids, its about time this happened. Earlier today on the popular music and news site (Ultimate-Guitar), it was reported that Brokencyde was pulled over and arrested on the spot. Charges include: Possession of illegal substances, Child Pornography, and Rape. We all know how much Sticky enjoys seeing original documents, so here’s the article:

Now that we have established Brokencyde is in custody. This is a tabloid site, not a “Come here and stick up for Brokencyde” site, so we don’t need any posts sticking up for them. So for all of you who feel the need to do so, please re-direct your attention to the article and cry me a river.

<3 Fetish

Happy Birthday RichardHeartStealer!! 20 comments


It’s been 13 months that you’ve spent behind bars for raping a 14 year old girl and videotaping yourself fucking an unconscious, underage girl. Hope your second birthday in jail is as fun as your first!


Gage Arthur, @Madiileigh’s Kidnapper, a Fugitive in Arizona 56 comments

Popular Myspace entertainer Gage Arthur appears to have absconded, a violation of the terms of his probation pertaining to his arrest for kidnapping a minor.

Back in September 2009, a MyDrama author enquired why GageArthur might have been going to prison.

StickyDrama has learned the reason.  Longtime readers will recall Madi, who dated Stickam rapist John Hock just after he and @AmorHilton broke up.  At the time, Madi was in fact 13 or 14 years old.

After Hock, she began dating Gage in Austin, Texas.

Everything was hunky-stat-rape-dory, until the police pulled over Gage and Madi for a routine traffic check.  It turns out that Madi’s mother had reported her as missing:  Gage was arrested and charged with kidnapping a minor.  He did some time in a Texas jail, then was released into the custody of his family in Mississippi.  From there, he received permission to relocate to Los Angeles, provided he pay his probation fines and keep contact with his probation officer.

With his mother paying for his fines, Gage’s only responsibility was to call his probation officer once a month.  But even that proved too heavy a burden for Gage, who apparently ceased all attempts to comply with the terms of his probation sometime in 2009.  During his time in Los Angeles, he is known to have had intimate relationships with at least one minor, an act unlawful intercourse in California and probably a violation of the terms of his Texas probation as well.

On his now-deleted Twitter account,@GageArthur, he tweeted that was moving to Arizona.  His last known address is @Ayeraerae’s apartment at Westside Condominiums in Winnetka, a crappy part of the Valley (and definitely not the Westside).

Since Gage did receive permission to relocate to Los Angeles, his probation status is known only to the LA Sheriff.  Citing pesky California privacy laws, the Sheriff declined to address Gage’s status to StickyDrama.  Nevertheless, online chatter from various sources indicates that he is indeed a fugitive.

@JohnathonHock Still in Jail 51 comments

In reaction to recent tweets, txts and IMs that we have received in which individuals claim to have witnessed Stickam rapist @JohnathonHock roaming free on the streets of Phoenix, StickyDrama placed an inquiry at the Phoenix Police Department’s Adult Sex Crime Unit.  Below is our exchange:

So there, all you stupid underage scene whores who can’t wait for him to get out of jail and rape you too, you’ll just have to fucking wait longer.  He’s not going anywhere anytime soon. <3

Scene Princess @AmorHilton Defends Her Imprisoned Prince @JohnathonHock 122 comments

Wowzers.  Amor Hilton, everyone’s third favorite #hookerclown right after Kiki and Jeffree, discovered a diamond mine of drama recently while going through her old laptop backups:  unseen footage of her former fiancé John Hock professing his love for her.  Touched, Amor reflected on her time with the former Stickam superstar now on trial for rape in Arizona, and gave candid on-camera responses to her many backlogged formspring quetions about her past relationship with and present feelings for Hock.  She edited it all together and posted it on her YouTube earlier today.

Amor also addressed Hock’s mother Jenna, who apparently has had a bone to pick with Amor over the affidavit she sent in to the State as evidence in Hock’s trial. To clarify, Amor sent that affidavit at StickyDrama’s request.  Her affidavit did not so much attack Hock as Stickam.  Amor swore that Stickam chose to overlook Hock’s online behavior, and the danger he posed to its users, because of the high number of new registrations and stream views Hock brought its fledgling network.  Perhaps in an indirect way, Amor’s testimony doesn’t exactly make Hock look like a saint; Hock’s criminal actions are the underlying facts in the case against Stickam’s policy of preferential treatment for popular Entertainers.  But it was Danielle Alexandria’s affidavit that directly gave evidence against Hock.

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