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welp, some girl whom i dont know decided to come in my live and talk shit, not really caring i let her say what she had to say. Banned her then went and looked at her profile and this is what i found……
ima fatty, and im pretty gross but fuck, look at this chicks nose son.

Lesson of the day , dont talk shit when you HAVE NO ROOM TO TALK

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ayybaybay, November 14, 2009

I feel the need to place my input here. To the person who wants to say he “molests” that little girl… That’s complete bullshit. I’ve known Nesto for going on a year now [and not just internet bullshit either] I am not saying he was right for posting what he did, because, I don’t know the entire story [just like I’m sure some other people don’t either] But, let him live his fucking life, and knock off the false accusations.

lexielivesloud, November 14, 2009

Oh Dear Heather.
I am a stalker because I communicate with someone who contacts me?
Lets get real.
You are a bitter fucking troll.
You are just mad because Nesto met you once and he never had the desire to do so ever again, clearly.
I don’t even get along with Eony, but I am sure she has more class in her pinky toe then you have in your entire being. And she is a hell of alot prettier.

And just an fyi, the fat comments can stop.
Nesto knows he is fat.
He likes food.
Big fucking deal.
He’s still a smexy mother fucker and probably gets more play than any of you trying to belittle him.

And as far as that arrogant, bullshit comment made about his niece.
How dare you.
He loves that little girl to pieces, and would do anything for her, and would never, ever hurt her in any way.

Kitty, November 14, 2009

Nesto is my best friend and i don’t care what anyone says about him he’s fucking amazing and is one of the nicest people i’ve ever known. Stupid bitches come in his live non stop and run their mouths and half of them look like fucking trash. ILY nesto =)

Anonymous, November 14, 2009

…she has pretty eyes…thats about it.

Anonymous, November 14, 2009

THAT GIRL IS FUCKING BEAT LOL. he’s pretty fucking cute for a bigger guy, plus his music is bomb

Anonymous, November 14, 2009

“Slaughterhouse said, November 14th, 2009 at 12:47 pm

You Act like anything , any of you say is phasing me? its the internet. idunno is more than likely heathhab and HER is ebony js.”

If it’s not phasing you, then why did you make a post about someone talking shit about you? Oh barf.

Slaughterhouse, November 14, 2009

its funny i wrote this post, and now theres two posts pending about me and every comment is directed at me rofl, im comfortable in my own skin, i know im not ugly that girl i posted about is fucking hideous, no matter how deep her personality is , for any of you to talk about niece just further proves to me how disgusting all of you are, my stickams gone, its not worth dealing all of this. to all the people who were here for me i love you, u know how to get ahold of me , to the rest of you..Do the world a favor and kill your selves. no more responses no more posts, yes what i did was immature but what do u all look like for talking about a 4yr olds relationship with the closest thing to a father shes ever
had. its just dumbfounding.

lexielivesloud, November 14, 2009

We love you nesto.
I mean a collective we, and you know who the “we” is.
Those of us who know you, the real you, know the truth.
Those assholes who are just running their mouths to watch their lips move don’t know their head from a hole in the ground.
Ashlynn is blessed to have you in her life.
I, and many others love you the way you are, fat, skinny, tall, short, asshole, or nice guy.
Way to take the high road.

Anonymous, November 15, 2009

ok child molester…
keep telling yourself that… if it makes you feel better to justify the fact shes in your family, then by all means, feel better 😉

but keep in mind, incest is illegal :(

and to the person who said nesto is cute
i think you need your eyes checked..

nesto looks like an afgan terrorist
who has a bomb strapped to his body..

does he even have a green card?

Slaughterhouse, November 15, 2009

since when do people born in chicago need green cards? EPIC FAIL.

Anonymous, November 15, 2009

oh my mistake- you look like your from the middle east, i figured you were here to fulfill your “allah duties”

Slaughterhouse, November 15, 2009

i didnt know having muslim beliefs issued you a terrorists card rofl, all the injustices in this world were committed by christians, and the government that supports it. think about it? try reading a fucking book ,

Anonymous, November 15, 2009

try picking up one.
sentences end with periods, not commas.
go molest lava girl sick fuck.

idunnoidunno, November 15, 2009

wow this shit has gotten totally outta control,
all of you need to chill the post was what three days ago and your still going on about it
and no i dont like nesto and i do think he is a dick for this post but you guys talking about him molesting ashlyn is beyond fuck nesto takes care of her and always has shes like his own so stop with that bs
and lexie sweetheart you can always im me if you have something to say:D

Anonymous, November 15, 2009

ew all of you sick fucks are in on the child porn? all of yall should be throw into jail!

loveme72, December 5, 2009

oooh woww… well her nose is pretty rank lookinggg tehe

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